If You Could Only See into My Eyes...

By Melanie Miller
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If you could only see into my eyes of azure color, then you will know that love abides in them...

and if you could see me in the morning and feel the heat on my skin from the blazing sun...

from the window, then you will know me more and if you can see my hair dancing in the wind,

you will see me in a deeper sense.
And if you can see me on the dew of the grass, then you can touch me and feel my utter presence.

You will know me better, once you look in these ancient eyes of a story tale.

You will see and tell others about the way I feel about you and I being together in this lovers torrid romance.

You can look at my lovely face and realize that love is there for the taking, there is no mistaking, that love..

is the key to all happiness and I am blessed to have you in my life, and I am honored to be your loving wife,

even though we have our trials and tribulations, we do face each of them and steadfast is our love.

You will always be my man and I shall be your angel woman and together we shall climb that mountain of dreams desire...

and fall in love anew.
You have blessed me with your tender love and romantic touch, and embrace and I long to look at your face and memorize

every curve of your face and look into those brown eyes of yours as well.

I can tell you hold a secret in your mind, would you like to share it with me, my sweet?

You know you can say anything to me, and I won't mock you or laugh at you, for what you feel you have to and need to say to me.

You will always be a part of me, I can not let go and we shall always be lovers forever in a new place and a new fantasy world.

And we will fall for one another and be captured in the moment and fall for each other each time we kiss.

Our love will be heavenly and sheer bliss, when we enter another deminsion and another time.

So stay with me, hold me, love me and pamper me, and say our love is truth, and life, and I know you shall always be my husband and I..

shall always be your wedded wife..to love and to cherish for all times to come.

the end...