By Melanie Miller

Visions of you and I together of a yesterday gone past,

makes me feel elated inside, and I want to see you once again.

I sit here in dispair without a care in the world, except caring about you.

I need your honey dew lips to kiss me once explore with me,

a new world, and to hold me as you did once before.

You're my everything, my one hope's desire.
You make this fire in my soul and I lose all control,

with a single touch or embrace from you.
Our souls unite as one and you are the only one for me, tis' true.

You wipe away all the sadness and blue.
There's none other quite like you my love.
And there shall never be anyone that can hold a candle to you.

I call out your name, but you do not come hither but I know..

You hear me all the same.
I will patiently await for you to come to me one day, and stay with me for always,

in our Kingdom of Love...and there we shall be as lovers in love, and we shall always..

kiss and romance one another for the rest of our natural born lives.

So come to me once again, it isn't a sin, to feel the way we do, and hold my hand in yours,

so tenderly and sweetly and whisper sweet words into thine ear and tell me you love me,

so dear.

the end...