Checkout Carolyn Danjuma’s Shape After Rumoured Marriage Issues

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Despite Nollywood's actress, Carolyn Danjuma's rumoured marital challenges, the actress is not bothered with the whole things going on around her as she is concentrating more on her business and her kids.

The actress stylishly showed off a good physic for men that appreciate good body possibly that she is still in the market no matter what might be said about her.

With such a massive on-shore off-shore dichotomy, one will definitely kneel down to pray for such a missing angel to find its way into their home as the shape was just so appealing.

She claims she is losing weight but possibly that could be in her dreams like she rightly pointed out. “Yaaaaay, losing weight gradually. E no easy. Been jogging in my dream.”