5 Sure-Ways Travel Can Make You Super-Attractive

Source: Jovago.com
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A frequent and addicted traveller cannot be compared with someone that has never seen beyond the shores of their home state as the experience garnered from visiting new places is priceless when compared to any other encounter in the world.

A journey from Lagos to Kano by train or via road and even a flight is a medley of dauntless and dazzling experience. There is so much to do and learn throughout your trip.

This lends credence to the fact that whoever travel regularly will be smarter, sexier and fun to be with. Do you want to join this category of people? Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 Hotel booking portal shares 5 ways travel can make you more attractive. Perhaps this will encourage to travel regularly.

Endless tales and stories
Travellers have endless tales about the various destinations they visited. The tales may include their encounters on the road, interactions with the people they met their culture, idiosyncrasies, food, dress, and language as well as the travel dangers they had to overcome. Travellers are friends with nearly everyone because of their explicable travel knowledge. Ignorance is not in the dictionary of a traveller.

It improves your smile
A smile is a beautiful thing, and people who smile a lot are alluring and pleasant. What can make you smile often? Travel. A visit to the zenith of Olumo rock will give you a picturesque view of an ancient city. The arresting and overwhelming scenery will definitely make you smile. Of course, when you take pictures, you will smile. Hence, no matter what you have going on in your life, or what your past is, if you travel, you are bound to experience happiness.

Mysterious and interesting
Everyone loves a little mystery, and that is exactly how you will seem when you are travelling. While you are doing your own thing whether with friends, family or alone, people will be wondering what you are up to, and the nature of the enthralling things you are doing while exploring a destination like Mount Patti in Kogi state . Your availability will also significantly decline, adding to the mystery and soon you will be in high demand for figuring out. You just tell you have been junketing around Nigeria.

It builds your stamina
There are many mountains and hills that travellers can test their survival instinct like the Idanre Hills in Ondo state. People with this type of experience coupled with other high intensity destination travel will largely improve their strength and stamina. So, whenever it comes to travelling, they are always excited as they look forward to it. You do not need the gym to keep them fit.

Understand the quirks of other ethnic groups

There are over 250 ethnic groups Nigeria cutting across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. A traveller will encounter different languages, shenanigans and traditions that will make them an all-rounded-persons. A good traveller rarely has misconceptions about other tribe