My Love Letter

By Rex Showunmi
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The Greek language will always be a darling for its distinctive lexicon. Its description of time and love amazes me most. There are two meanings of time: chronos and kairos and four for love. Love in a context could mean either agape, philia, éros, or storge.

Of all the variants of love, éros is special in so many ways. Éros means "love, mostly of the sexual passion." Dating or marriage relationships are mainly erotic. It is the expression of an attribute uniquely enjoyed by humans alone. Even the gods envy us for this.

Valentine is a reminder of this special love.Being a mystery which humans will not possess the linguistic capacity to capture vividly, we are not amiss to celebrate what keeps us forever mesmerised. Erotic love finds a man rough and selfish and transforms him into a refined courteous gentleman. A timid and bashful girl suddenly becomes a matchless power goddess taming the world for the man she truly loves.

It is what makes the little daddy's daughter forget all the fun and security under her father's roof and crave to forge into the unknown with a near stranger all for the adventures. Most of us humans are living because of love, for it is the crowning grace of humanity. We are actually living because we are loving.

So When you go out of your way to express love you are only exhibiting the phenomenal, connecting with transcendence. You want love? Find it! A crush? make a juice out of it before today ends. It's Val and being born into this world, we are all products of this erotic love

This post is dedicated first to Lovers all around the World and secondly to Funmi Showunmi, Yemi Aderibigbe (Flamini) and Joseph Olumuyiwa as they celebrate their birthdays today.

Much love,