Black Is Beautiful

By Isawumi Abiola

It was a meeting before time, at the zenith of the highest height

Before anything was, but the creator of the universe

My lineage was decided by Him, without the advice of any expert

Black He made me, with beauty as my core nature

Arriving at the junction of Purpose,I crossed the road of innocence

Turning to the house of possibility,I opened the door of opportunity

Entering into the room of identity,I was amazed by the candle of options

Facing the mirror of reality,I only saw black in its beauty

As a distinction in the science of creation, I’m black and that’s my pride!

Nothing is wrong with me, because nothing can be wrong with God

I’m not a mistake because I’m black, but I’m a miracle in the intelligence of my designer

Simply simple as I’m, white is not better than black but only different in appearance

I’m a bundle of stories, black and beautiful; the best brand of my real self

Kettle can call pot black, but I know who I am,
I’m beauty personified, because black is beautiful!

Little by little, I’m enjoying the beauty of my difference

Even when I fall, my value is never lost.
I’m black, I’m beautiful; win-win is my game

My challenges are my strengths, the essence of my value

My heritage is my pride, I celebrate the beautiful black

Oh beautiful black, my heritage; I long to see more of your shinning

Oh beautiful black, the external decoration of excellence; I will live to see your dominion

Like the stars in the sky, you will traverse the most guarded boarders

Rescuing success from the battle of defeats, my journey will end well

Life is a journey with endless ends. . .
My love, my life; two ends of the same journey
Black beauty my security, the right way to the true heart

Life is beautiful and so is black
I’m black, the substance of things to come
I’m a creature of time, black in look but beautiful in mind

I’m a collection of hopes, my future is beautiful

I’m black and beautiful;I am the brilliant definition of true identity

Gone are the days, when black is synonymous with lack

Here are the days, when black is beautiful!
The days are gone, when black is a monkey
These are the days, when black is the hero
Beautiful black, beautiful me,
I will smile through the miles
I’m black, I’m beautiful
Bold and brave, I fear no mortal
Black but not bad, I’m my father’s child

Black but not blind, I can see afar
Black but not backward, I move forward
I am black and beautiful, it’s in me.