Vegetarian? Here’s How To Survive A Trip To Lagos


As a tourist destination, Lagos ticks all boxes when it comes to a great travel experience: lots of entertainment and attractions, scenic landscapes, impressive neighborhoods, and numerous transport options. But on one thing its is not known for are vegetarian food options.

The concept of “vegetarianism” is not very popular in Lagos, despite how metropolitan the city is. A majority of Lagosians love meat and hardly acknowledge the existence of beets, radishes, lettuce and kale, except during special occassions when they include salad as a side dish. This however does not mean that all hope is lost for vegetarians who dare to visit the city. Meat may dominate menus around, but, Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking site has basic tips on how a vegetarian can survive a trip to Lagos.

Rent an apartment
The best option for a vegetarian visiting Lagos is to rent an apartment rather than a hotel or inn. This affords you the flexibility to cook your own meals and takes away the worry of possibly consuming something that is not completely made from vegetables. It also takes away the stress of having to explain to the hotel kitchen staff the ingredients that should be included in your meal. There are a number of apartments within the city and you can find several on here .

Be very clear about what you want
Not everyone will understand what you mean by vegetarian, so rather than simply asking if a restaurant offers a vegetarian menu, be specific about what you want to eat and what ingredients you are looking for. That way they do not just say ‘No’ to your order, when in fact they may have those options you actually are looking for. If there is nothing on the menu, make a request. Simply ask for a meal to be prepared with your favorite vegetable(s) instead of chicken or fish. This usually works with a la carte meals.

Seek out restaurants with vegetarian options

Vegetarian food is not hard to come by in Lagos; you just have to know where to look. Actually, from delis in large shopping malls like Park ‘n’ Shop and Shoprite, to proper restaurants, especially Indian and Chinese, there are plenty of places to get healthy vegetarian meals. There are also some cafés and bakeries that specialize in meatless dishes. You will find vegetarian sandwiches, quiches or other baked products that are way cheaper than whole-meat meals.

Stick to Local beverages
While visiting the city of Lagos, it would certainly be great to try local cuisines and delicacies; especially those available on the streets, however, aside from fruits and leafy vegetables, it will be safer to stick to beverages, as most times the local cuisines have meat and fish or the stock included as ingredients. With beverages however, you are safe as they are mostly made from roots and leafs.