5 Fun Ideas For Valentine In Port Harcourt

Source: Jovago.com

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and…hate it or love it, you should be on the love train. Good thing is that whether you want to declare your love, wow your secret crush, or just have a memorable time in Port Harcourt City, River State , there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

Ranging from spontaneous, to romantic or just simple, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site offers 5 fun things to do in Port Harcourt for Valentine. Even better, some of these ideas are not just for Valentine’s Day, they are also appropriate for each day of the year.

Weekend getaway at Le Meridien Ogeyi Place
Good news for all lovers of Valentine’s Day, the holiday for 2016 falls on Sunday, so this is the perfect excuse for a long romantic weekend. Whether you already live in Port Harcourt or are making a trip to the city from another location, a stay at Best Western Premier Hotel , would certainly spice up your relationship with your partner this holiday.

The hotel which is listed on Jovago.com, has a special valentine package from NGN30, 250 which includes 2 nights stay at the hotel, buffet breakfast at the Ororo restaurant, complimentary access to gym & Pool, complimentary Internet, raffle draw entry to win great prizes and more.

Set out on a pedestrian adventure
This is not the conventional way to spend valentine, but it’s sure a means to kill two birds with one stone as you not only spend quality time with your partner, but you also learn so much about the city when you walk through it.

Take your Valentine to a popular but safe neighborhood like Abuloma or Rumola and explore the environs, taking pictures and making memories along the way. You could actually keep things spontaneous and set out for an unknown destination. It would be such a rewarding experience when you finally get to the desired spot, perhaps a local restaurant or road side pub.

Sunday lunch buffet at hotel presidential
If you are not cut out for a long weekend stay in a fabulous hotel, you can at least settle for an exquisite lunch buffet at Hotel Presidential Hotel . An elegant location in the heart Port Harcourt, Sunday lunch buffet is offered at one of the hotel’s onsite restaurants, the Rivers Restaurant, every Sunday from 12:00pm till 3:00pm.

Spend quality time with your ‘boo’ enjoying the local foods of the city and savoring a taste of River State’s culinary culture. The hotel usually has special events as well as special offers which you can benefit from as long as you make early reservations.

Order in and have a takeout feast
Sometimes, spending intimate and quality time with your partner on Valentine’s Day is all you need. Waive the parties, buffets and outings and settle for an in-house feast of take outs. Make food orders from several different restaurants and assemble a palatable spread from all of the delivery spots- including local and foreign dishes. Indulge yourselves. Just ensure you know to avoid foods that you or your partner may be allergic to…and keep things interesting.

Record a love song together at a studio
Music according to Shakespeare is the food of love. Rather than just listen to music, it would be a romantic idea to go create one of your own. You do not necessarily need to know how to sing or have a sonorous voice to pull it off. Book some time in the studio and work with the resident producer, you will be surprised the outcome at the end of the day.

While you may not end up releasing the track, the song could become a symbol of your love and it can be played as the theme song for your wedding or anniversary, plus you can also share the story and love song with children in future.