6 Weird Things Men Do Before Valentine

Source: Jovago.com

6 Weird Things Men do Before Valentine
February is the month of Love! Everyone should be excited and look forward to making it a special and unforgettable day for their spouses. However, for some people, it's a disaster waiting to happen. These individuals evolve different tactics to ensure that they avoid taking their spouse shopping or giving them a luxurious treat at a five-star hotel in Lagos.

If you are a lady with your heart setting on celebrating Valentine’s Day but aren’t sure whether your man is cut out for it, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shines the light on some signs to watch out for.

Finds fault in everything you do
He compliments your cooking, tells you how beautiful you are, allows you to pass the night at the weekend and doesn’t mind where you keep your things. If however, he abruptly turns the corner and make you feel like a stranger, your sixth sense should tell you that he wants to get rid of you before that special day.

Stops calling you
On a daily basis, he could call you as many times as possible. He doesn’t miss that opportunity to blow you a good night kiss. But, a few days to Val, you wait forever for the kiss but it never comes. In the morning, you call him but he struggles to pick or he laments about you interrupting his sleep and unexpectedly ends the call. Honey, your valentine treat is hanging in the balance.

Does not give you money anymore
Whenever you are ‘broke’, you can confidently put a call through to him and within a few hours, you receive an alert. He is very reliable that you have converted him into your ‘ATM’. This does not deny the fact that you love him, it just means he takes care of you. But, if you send him a message that you need money this love month, and get no alert, you should be worried. Yes, he may not have it at that moment but if it becomes a regular phenomenon, it’s a sign.

Busy Busy busy
According to relationship experts, no one is too busy to find time for people they care about. If he apparently gives you excuses for not doing something he promised because he is busy, it may be an underlying tactic to avoid valentine’s day expenses.

Valentine is a myth
Some people genuinely do not believe in valentine. True. But there are others who claim that they do not celebrate Vals day, not because they do not recognize the significance but due to the financial burden it will bestow on them. Their mantra throughout February will be ‘I hate valentine or I don’t believe in valentine’. If you do not, at least, your woman does and if you want to keep her after valentine, give her something special. As a lady, make this point clear before he runs!

I need a break
If since you both started dating, he was the type who looked forward to shopping and eating out with you, but as valentine approaches, he suddenly gets bored or depressed when you are around and doesn’t seem interested in anything…do not mind him, stick around and get your due! .If he says, “Sweetheart, I need a break”, not to worry, you can give him the break after February 14th!