Ali Baba Approves Cartoon for Daughter After Emerging Best Maths Student

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Ace Nigerian comedian, Atuyota Akporobomeriere better known as Ali Baba, does not stop appreciating his lovely wife at every time he has the opportunity to do so.

Recently, the comedian's little daughter made him proud after coming out in flying colours in Mathematics in her school.

Ali Baba, immediately attributed the success of his daughter to the mother who is the MD of Enterprise Bank.

In his words, “VAvavoom comes home with a certificate attesting to the fact that she is the best student in Mathematics. She didn't get that from me. Must be Mummy Mary again!!! Because, after Arithmetics, I gave up. So she is nearly an all rounder. Certificates in Writing, poetry, piano, violin, flute, art, science, swimming. By the way, that her smile is not for the certificate o, It's for what the certificate has earned her. She now gets an extra 1 hour of watching Nickledeon, cartoons and her favorite movies. This weekend in view!!!”