Open Letter To Davido By DisturbingAfrik @disturbingafrik

By Disturbing Afrik

Nobody hears the noise in the kitchen when the pot cooks the cocoyam until the pestle starts pounding it. It came as a surprise to me that you, who so much avoid the press in every 'izzue' engaging you with women affairs since your success in the music industry, have solely reported yourself consciously, about an affair that happened more than a year ago with a woman, who is the mother of your child, and can't be qualified as being educated as you.

Even after apologizing (and claiming to quit music over the 'izzue'), I still don't understand if you really want this 'izzue' you're fighting for or if you only wanted a good time the night (or whatever time of the day) it started.

After reading all statements from you, the complainant Sophia, and her spokesman Dele Momodu, down to the social rants that intruded later on the subject matter, I felt like the DPO of a local police station, settling a case presented from the incidents of your nightmares.

Firstly, this is a family case and has no right to attract the public interest. Secondly, in one page, you ceaselessly pleaded for freedom more than Mandela and in another page reluctantly accepted blames on same 'izzue'.

All your inviting proclaims on social media on the 'izzue' invited no one to think, but rather imagined you were idolized, seduced, raped and framed by Sophia, as no comment of yours has yet accepted the affair with her was mutual (as you claim the truth of the 'izzue' is yet to be known) - neglecting exposing secret lies of your baby mama's lifestyle, an inferior to your class.

Telling me a lady took advantage of you, at your current age of 21, is a reason to forcefully take the resultant baby, is like stressing how you lost on Nairabet's virtual game stakes because of incomplete time. On a second thought, I believed in you when you had previous controversial cases involving Wizkid and Mc Galaxy. I'm about to believe in you not having a relationship with Sophia, as I'm thinking she neither agreed for you to use condoms nor contraceptives for her during and after your casual love making with her.

The partial responsibility you took on the 'izzue' by accepting to be paying Sophia three hundred thousand naira monthly made me believe you are a "money-miss-road" boy who is suffering from what his ignorance and carelessness caused. Setting up this whole 'izzue' and ending it in hours made me assume you are calling on me to bear witness with you again after robbers attacked you in South Africa because of your "posting-cash-online" unrelenting habit. This must have been a great burden for you as a young aspiring legend, who seeks a sketched career through a closed compass.

Regarding your recent song, 'Izzue', featuring Dammy Krane, your lyrics weren't clear enough until now: you wanted no 'izzue', but a hide and seek game in which the lady can come to the bedroom and then you 'izzue' everything she requests for; right?. This case is no different as it still baffles me how you neglected your own words and that of your family, only to hear mine.

Social Services Organizations or Child Care Agencies should have been called upon to address this 'izzue'. It's so sad to note that you have no better benefits from this taboo you called 'izzue' than worries, side effects, and confessions to proclaim. Notwithstanding, this drama that has you as the main character with an online setting, has no direct positive moral lessons for youths or aspiring musicians who tend to follow your lead, but affirmed the fact one must be preyed by the present hardship in Nigeria.

Your first class grade in the university couldn't guarantee that you're educated, as you played a vital role in demoralizing Nigerian youths through this unwanted drama. It all reminded me you have to reap what you sowed. Just a word of advice, focus on your work and stop jumping about, except you're ready to marry - women are valueless distractions to a growing music career. Lastly, I hope you drop your childish characters this year's end, since you believe a 21 year old can't take decisions until 23.