I’m not deadly----Frank Dallas

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I'm not deadly----Frank Dallas
A section of movie “watchers” in Nigeria call him the “killer”, while another section simply call him “The moving train” because of the deadly roles. Henry Anyanwu of Nollywood recently confronted Frank Dallas Ebulukwu with the allegation that he somehow overacts “hard” roles.

We understand you are about shooting another film after the successful production of your Agony of a Mother. What is the title of this one?
No no… I can't tell. I can't. I don't want some guys to take it up before I finish shooting. I will only give a working title while recording.

Who was really your star actor in the film – Agony of A Mother because you had an array of stars that glowed?
Abi they all glowed? That was the function of a tight script and good director. With the best, my buddies like Osita Okoli, the director, Francis “Agwondu” Okonkwo from Grand Touch pictures, we were able to get the best. From Chidi Mokeme, Benita Nzeribe, Peter Bunor, Ashley Nwosu, Rachel Oniga, Saidi Balogun, the film was a bum.

Frank Dallas, you are always very hard in playing your roles, haven't your victims been complaining about that outside the set?
Gbam! they complain, sometimes, after the set they get very angry with me but when I put up my smile they calm down. It has happened between me and RMD. I can also remember how I handled Rita Dominic in the film With Love and she was very hurt. But she is my sister, you know. I had to beg her and explain to her that I was only acting. That it was not real. And she understood.

Who was the producer of the film that he allowed you get hard on stars just like that?
What stars!!! We are acting, my man. Listen, Frank Dallas though enjoys acting deadly or hitman roles, he is not deadly at all and the director knows. Chico Ejiro, the producer, understands. I was only delivering as a marksman.

But how did you get the name “Killer,” as an actor?
As a matter of fact, I didn't get that name when I started acting deadly roles. It was right from my secondary school days at the Oboro Secondary School in Ikwuano, Abia State that I got it and it stuck before I took to acting.

Some other groups in the movie industry prefer to call you “The moving train” why?
That is it! I'm a moving train when you see me in films. I don't miss my lines as a hitman or guard. I don't take chances, I deliver. I love the roles but I'm not deadly person.

Like you, Hanks Anuku takes his hit roles to real life, and people are complaining?
That is totally untrue. Hanks has worked with me. He is a professional to the core. He does not take bullshit, both in his films and real life. That is why people are saying all kinds of things about him. He is a straight forward person, but don't try to be smart with him, okay.

You are close to Chico Ejiro and Grand Touch Produtions, how many films have you done with them?
Many. I can't count, anyway, Emotional Pains, A Night to Remember, Back II Back, Blind Love, Sweet Love, Hit The Street and others. In fact, I could remember vividly that it was after Hit The Street, came out that Jim Iyke got his break, find out if I'm not correct. That film was a chart buster.

As an actor and producer, do you feel it was really right to ban those stars because of one attitude problem or the other?
Ban you said? You can't ban an actor. Okay, if you say he won't be on home video, do you know whether he is good on stage? The marketers only said they don't want their service for some time now. What is the big deal about that? Most of the guys banned are very talented people and they could fit in elsewhere in the film and movie business. I have said it times without number that you can't ban an actor. It's all part of the game to develop the industry.

Me.. The new Jim Iyke, No way!----Tokumbo Akinremi

Born and raised in England, Tokunbo Akinremi is not new to Nigeria's acting business. He was around in the early 90's but now, he is fully back to context in the booming home video industry. From the numerous films he has featured in, tongues are already wagging that he is probably the new Jim Iyke (who is still banned according to marketers.)

Toksman, which part of Nigeria are you really from?
I'm Akinremi, that means I have a royal blood in me. I'm from Egba in Ogun State.

Please, tell us about your background and education?
I was born in England. I grew up there, me and my sister. I went to Greenville Primary School, West London. Northampton College, West London, and much later I went to study Business Administration at the South-Bank University, South East London, between 1997 and 2001.

Soap lovers in the early 90's loved your accent while playing –“Tony Nwagbara” in Amaka Igwe's “Checkmate”. But you fizzled out shortly, what happened?
I didn't. Nothing happened. I just had to go back to England. I went back to school. I went to study at the South Bank University in London. That was precisely 1997.

But you featured in some other soaps before you left?
Yes… I was in Fortunes with Pat Attah, Ramsey Nouah, produced by Charles Owoyemi and Ralph Nwadike, Chico Ejiro was also part of Fortunes at a time. I was also in Tunji Bamishigbin's Palace.

At what time did you come back to Nigeria and start acting again?
Just November 2003. I came back and met with my main men Zeb Ejiro and Zik Zulu Okafor who I have known over the years while I was in town and they quickly turned me around for business once again.

With your strong British accent, you have done some lead roles, could you name the films you have featured in lately?
Where do I start from now? Okay, Sacred Affairs with Jim Iyke and Rita Dominic. Heavens Gate Zulu Okafor's film. Schemes, an Andy Amenechi film. I was also in Superwoman featuring Ejike Asiegbu, Patience Ozokwor and many more stars.

Already, tongues are flapping that most producers and directors find you a consummate act to work with, why?
I think I can deliver. And now here to take my place from where I stopped before I went back to England to study.

And now that some of your mates, like Ramsey, Emeka Ike and Jim Iyke are banned, some people say you're the new Jim Iyke?
Honestly, I don't know about that. Jim Iyke is a great actor anyday. He has his own style and I have mine. Ramsey Nouah is my man, too. They all have their own styles and ways. But for people to think that I'm the new Jim Iyke, no way. Our ways of talking and carriage are completely different. I'm very different and people should accept me as such.

Any hot new flick you've done lately?
Of course, yes. Turn Table produced by Jumai Joseph. It is a classic, shot in Abuja featuring myself, Dakore, Keppy Ekpeyong and other top acts. It will be out soon.

How are you coping with female admirers here?
I'm a professional artiste. I know my limits. I know what it takes to be up there and remain up there. That includes the way you handle women. In whatever form I'm equal to the task.