Why Is The African Society Silent About The Killings In Burundi?

Killings are going on in Burundi, but there is neither active mediation for peace nor any steps by the international governance institutions to stop the killings in Burundi. The community of east African states is nonchalant and almost insouciant about the current killings in Burundi. Each and every State of the east African community is palpably busy with the respective domestic matters.

The African union is not displaying any logistical move towards the stopping of the killings while the United Nations organization is the most disinterested, it has been reported by the BBC, Africa services that the UN is not prepared to deal with the Burundian Problem. This means that the world will be silent as the people of Burundi will be killing one another. This type of silence was also evident about the Biafra and the Rwanda genocides.

Official sources show that the unarmed people being killed are the youths, the old aged and middle aged. Soldiers are killing rebels, rebels are also killing soldiers. The areas mostly affected are Ngagara, Musaga and Mujejuru. There is also an observed trendy of the killings taking the direction of ethnic cleansing between the Tutsi and the Hutu, where the Hutus are 85% and the Tutsi are 14% of Burundian the population. This condition thus is permissible to point to a projection that Burundi is verging on the explosive ethnic conflict.

According to the recent UN report , about 240 people have been killed since April and more than 200,000 have fled to neighbouring countries. There have been regular killings of both opposition activists and Nkurunziza supporters. The violence has raised fears of a return to worsening ethnic tension between Hutus and Tutsis.Mr Nkurunziza led a Hutu rebel group against the then Tutsi-dominated army during the civil war that followed the killing of Hutu President Melchior Ndadaye in 1993.

Within the past fortnight there have been very many dead bodies on the streets of the capital Bujumbura. An eyewitness told the Associated Press he counted 21 bodies with bullet wounds to the head in the Nyakabiga neighbourhood on Saturday morning. Some of the dead had their hands tied behind their backs.

According to the World Bank, United Nation and CIA reports Burundi has 10.4m population with 50 years life expectancy for a man, 2nd poorest country in the world, it has 85% are Hutu, 14% Tutsi, and 300,000 died in civil war. These facts in combination with the political realities that Burundi is a land locked country with the least developed Military capacity must lead to a persuasion that Burundi should not be left in the punctured sovereignty only to destroys lives of innocent humanity ;peasants, women and children. Africa must stop the killings in Burundi now.

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