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As expected, the anti social media bill sponsored by Senator Ibn Na’Allah (APC, Kebbi South) has gone viral. This is what the bill proposes:

  • Up to seven years in prison or $25,000 fine for “anyone who intentionally propagates false information that could threaten the security of the country or that is capable of inciting the general public against the government through electronic message.”
  • Up to years in prison or $10,000 fine or both for anyone disseminating via text message, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other form of social media an “abusive statement.”
  • This also involves messages intending to “set the public against any person and group of persons, an institution of government or such other bodies established by law.”

The bill does not define “abusive statement or messages.” The bill has passed the second reading. Take a look at the abbreviated profile of the chief sponsor and the outspoken co-primitive sadists of the anti social media bill:

Ibn Na’Allah (APC, Kebbi South): He reportedly bought a private jet in 2009. According to a report on Nairaland citing the Sun Newspaper, Na’Allah said it was cheaper for him to maintain his aircraft than to maintain some cars in his garage. He was said to be a car dealer before venturing into politics. According to Nigerian Insight, a recall was launched in September 2015 and has received 30,000 signatures. He was once a member of the House of Reps representing Zru/Fakai/Zawaba/Dawazuga federal constituency of Kebbi State. He is the deputy majority leader in the senate.

Bukola Mesujamba Saraki (Senate President, APC, Kwara Central): Needs no introduction. He’s the notorious Prince of Thieves of the Senate Brotherhood of Thieves and the patriarch of the Saraki Family Corruption Dynasty. His money laundering tentacles spread across the globe. He vows that no amount of attacks arising from the bill would make the Red Chamber abandon the proposed law. “People must be held responsible for their action. I believe what has been raised is important,” says Saraki.

Dino Melaye (APC Kogi, West): Bought a home in Abuja estimated at a whopping 1.3 billion Naira ($6.5 million). Melaye opened a foreign account illegally against the Code of Conduct Bureau law for public officers. On December 4, he made a payment transaction to a Kremlin-based cosmetic company MagnitKosmetik on his Bank of America debit card ending with #8873. He has since 2010 illegally operated bank accounts in the US. He was the most visible and vocal bodyguard to Toyin Saraki, wife of Bukola Saraki, during Toyin’s visits to the EFCC. When asked by SaharaReporters correspondent how he paid for the mansion, Melaye refused to answer the question, saying, “I am a distinguished member of the Federal government.” When asked that his assets were a matter of public interest, he ignored the question.

Melaye, foaming from both sides of his mouth on the floor of the Senate, castigates SaharaReporters: “Personally, my person, my character, my privacy have been invaded severally by a reckless media outfit called SaharaReporters and this is becoming unbecoming their operation and activities and this is becoming outrageous calamitous.” Still on the offensive and boiling with anger, Melaye says “These SaharaReporters and others have commercialized their consciences and monetized their operation and are now tools being used against perceived political enemies.”

“If there are no measures put in place, this particular SaharaReporters and others have the capacity to drag democracy into crisis because they have become reckless. They make laborious statements that have no content of fact at all and because of Nigeria’s perception it is very important that we check their activities.” Melaye continues: “While I celebrate the social media as one of our major actors, this senate should not be blackmailed or cowed by operators of the social media. “You will read time without number, SaharaReporters casting aspersion on the integrity of the Senate. The Senate is a scared hallowed chamber,” says Melaye.

Which “scared hallowed chamber” Melaye the tomfool is talking about? Which integrity? Integrity for the senate of thieves, thugs, crooks, fraudsters, forgers.  A “sacred,” “hallowed” what? Hellooo Saint Kashamu Buruji the drug dealer, Saint Mesujamba Bukola Saraki the forger and fraudster, Saint Dino Melaye the wife beater and other apostles of looting and leeching in the most defiled senate chamber in the world.

Why are these retarded knuckle heads afraid of SaharaReporters? They love darkness more the light because their works are evil. Who is fomenting crisis for democracy? SaharaReporters or the Melayes, the Sarakis, the Na’Allahs the thieves? The answer is obvious.

Needles to remind my readers that SaharaReporters have broken more news first than any other Internet Portal. SaharaReporters have also been right on all occasions. SaharaReporters have uncovered many skeletons and dirty secrets in the cupboards of Saraki, Melaye, Na’Allah and other corrupt politicians who are now calling for the ban of SaharaReporters, the social media, and other electronic medium.

This is hardly the first time a government has responded to a crisis by cracking down on the Internet. In 2014, Reporters Without Borders designated countries as “enemies of the internet” raging from denial of service to walling their citizens off the global web. The countries are Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, and North Korea. However, banning of social media is not an enforceable law because users can use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Faced with allegations of corruption, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan banned the Twitter. The Turks pushed back. Twitter facilitated the uproar by offering advice on how to evade the ban with text messaging. Other users have turned to VPNs to circumvent the blockage.

Turkey’s ban on Twitter is as porous as trying fill a basket with water. Erdogan’s attempt to stifle social media has not worked, rather it inflamed the opposition. Tunisia’s Zine El Abedine Ben Ali tried it and later got overthrown. Same goes for former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. In Syria, the violence has only worsened since President Bashar Al-Assad’s attempt to smother the web.

Now that these thieves, crooks, looters, and corrupt senators are feeling the heat from SaharaReporters and the social media, they want to ban SaharaReporters,Twitter, texting, Facebook, email, etc. They are insanely enthralled especially with the fearless, fiercest, vibrant, and lethal journalism of courage and investigative journalism of SaharaReporters. You’ll think these fools, idiots, and ignoramuses would know better that shutting down the Internet/Social Media and other services on the web, users would come after them.

The proposed bill by the sicko senators – social media terrorists – reveals two significant facts about them: they are of sub average intellectual functioning which is measured by an IQ test and they are defectively limited in adaptive functioning. They all suffer from intellectual disability that falls between IQ of 65 and 75. When other lawmakers in civilized democracies guarantee free access to  Internet and WiFi in schools, colleges, and public libraries, the Nigerian lawbreakers want to stifle sharing information, cross fertilization of ideas, knowledge, and creativity in the market place of ideas.

They want to resuscitate the obnoxious Decree 4 in a representative democracy. They want to replace Internet with their ancient idea of suggestion box launched recently by the Akindanidani senators. I don’t need to tell the lunatic senators that the bill is a certified DOA – Dead On Arrival!

Saraki is the Alexander the coppersmith of Nigeria of our time. He’s doing a great deal of evil to Nigeria, and the Lord will repay him accordingly. Saraki has rejected conscience. He has made a shipwreck of his leadership. He has done everything to contradict everything good that humanity stands for. It does not matter to Saraki whether this be for the common good or not. His own concern is greed, selfishness, and self preservation.

Saraki will not only contradict the good that President Buhari is trying to do, he will also struggle to get other thieves on his side to abort Buhari’s war on corruption. Saraki and his fellow Alexander the coppersmiths are like the dog in the manger, they will not go in themselves and they will prevent any one from going in. We’re coming after you!

Mr. President Weed Out The Corrupt Judges! And Let’s Hear From Mr. Jonathan

The war on corruption – the signature program of President Muhammadu Buhari won’t take off expeditiously and successfully until he weeds out the corrupt judges. It is evident that corruption is endemic at all levels of our justice system from police to judges. Instance of financial and moral corruption in our judiciary have become embarrassingly frequent over the years. The systemic rot in our judiciary makes me to paraphrase Shakespeare’s Hamlet and remark that something is wrong with Nigerian judges.  Corruption in the judiciary is widespread at all levels. Corruption is seen as normal way to deliver justice at all levels of the system. Judges take bribes to cause unnecessary delays, unreasonable adjournments, and render unfair judgments.

Firing of corrupt judges is essential to speed up the war on corruption and to get conviction against the criminals. It will enhance the confidence in the system. It will establish functioning judicial system where political power, status, money, influence, or other interference would not be possible. It will also establish a system in which inefficient judges will not be allowed to work. Removing corrupt judges will ensure swift and proportional punishment in ensuring civilized behavior especially among public and elected officials and maintaining the moral equilibrium in the society.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s name has become a chorus featured prominently in all the scams that bedeviled his presidency – Ekitigate, Armsgate, Oduahgate, Alamsgate. It is important we hear from him. Let’s hear from him what he knew, when he knew it, and what he did. Mr. President, in the name of war on corruption, weed out thecorrupt judges TODAY and let Mr. Jonathan be a special guest of EFCC.

A Lawless Supreme Court Of Coward Justices
The doctrine of the separation of powers in our Constitution divides the institutions of government into three branches: legislative, executive, and judiciary. The legislative makes the laws, the executive put the laws into operation, and the judiciary interprets the laws. The judiciary should stand out as the one element of this doctrine which is relatively stable in its functioning. The Supreme Court is responsible for hearing matters as the Court of Disputed Returns.

A Supreme Court packed with justices that are against swift justice is at best unsuitable, at worst, incompetent. Such a Supreme Court has no business in administering justice as an institution which provides the ultimate balance in a democratic system. The two-month long postponement of Saraki’s appeal indicates that the integrity of the whole judicial system is compromised.

The Saraki’s case before the CCT is the litmus test of President Buhari’s war on corruption. Nigerians feel that the extended life granted Saraki to answer to his crimes portrays the Supreme Court justices as coward men who prefers to side and shield Saraki while they are vehemently opposed to the Nigerian people, the Constitution, and the President’s resolve to rid Nigeria of corruption. It also shows the justices lack tenacity and fortitude when the nation desperately looks up to  them for their wisdom and direction to resolve a simple and straight forward case.

This is the time when the Supreme Court has the unique opportunity to uphold the rule of law, but doesn’t. This is the time when it has the chance to remind the lower courts that it, and not they, are the final interpreters of the Constitution, but doesn’t. The unduly long postponement of judgment in the Saraki’s case reveals the lawlessness of the justices. A court that acts only when its actions will virtually have no impact is a lackey court. The Supreme Court decision is appalling and petulant. The action of the justices is uniquely countermajoritarian. They are out of touch with the Nigerian people.

For now, as Saraki hangs on like a grim death and cause a further serious decline in morale and confidence in our judiciary, the nation is nervously waiting to hear from the Supreme Court come February 5, 2016.

Written by Bayo Oluwasanmi.
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