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The True Meaning of Wiccan Magick!

By Melanie Miller
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Have you ever heard of the true meaning of Wiccan magick? Well..the true meaning is they go by the Wiccan Rede: they feel and believe that if you invoke a wicked God to do their bidding, then if it occurs a bad omen or (jinx or hex) on the person(s), they wish to have harmed, then the spell will come back on them.

You never wish to harm anyone and you do not wish to use an effigy to harm another. You can make effigy's out of candle wax and straw and other objects, to harm another-but what is the point really in doing this dasterdly deed, or mayhem and if you feel you are in the right, to cast wicked spells on another, just remember all black magick spells you cast on another that has not given you good reason to cast these wicked spells, then they will come back on you three fold!

I am not kidding here, you will have bad luck and bad misfortunes.

If you break a mirror, allow it to set right there for seven hours or if you pick up the mess or pieces, you will have seven yrs. of bad luck! Just try it and see for yourself. You do not want small children to go near the mirrors, so tell them to stay clear of broken mirrors or glass for this matter. No! never invoke evil spirits to do your bidding, to harm the innocent. I used to cast Voodoo magick and it came back on me! I learned my lesson.

Now..these days, I only cast good spells, such as money spells, protection spells and healing spells. I cast a healing spell for my husband and it worked splendidly. The next morning his leg and knee felt better, and he was able to go to work.

Spells are fun to cast, true...but the good kind of magick is much better to cast.

Let's talk about Halloween now..for e.g. Do you think Halloween is all about tricker treaters gathering candy and toys for Halloween?

Halloween is the Day of the Dead. Some folks, eons ago, would leave food on their table they had cooked, for the dead to come and eat while they left, and if the food was not eaten then they took it as if the spirits of the deceased did not feel the family was worthy. They took it as a slap on the face.

What else can we talk about, about Halloween? Well...Halloween for instance, is once a year. We all know this, right? Halloween is a festive time as well. You can even give out gifts on this day. I know of a lady who's birthday is on Halloween. This is remarkable, as she could go door to door and collect candy, and what have you, and plus celebrate her birthday as well. Her sister was born on Christmas Eve. Isn't this ironic?

Well..if you like to celebrate Halloween, then by all means do, just don't T-Pee anyone though, or throw eggs on someones' vehicle as will ruin their paint and don't do anything mischievious at all. Just have fun collecting candy, or handing out candy.

Halloween is for adults too! They wear costumes at Halloween parties and one can play the game, ''Bobbing for apples"! It's loads of fun to play games at Halloween time.

Well..I hope you enjoyed reading my article, and if you wish to learn more about Wiccan or Pagan magick, just drop by your library (if you have one in your town or county) and look up magick or Wiccan magick or Pagan magick and read upon these subjects. You'll be surprised what you read and may find out and oh...good luck on all your spell craft.

Melanie Miller