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Akwaaba Travel Quarterly, an in-flight journal of Nigerian Eagle Airline is spearheading the search for the seven wonders of Nigeria as its own contribution to the growth of tourism and the development of national pride, a statement by the firm has said.

In 2007, during the search for the new Seven Wonders of the World in which ATQ participated, it tried to do a search in Nigeria but had to call it off for logistic reasons.

However, the firm said that as Nigeria marks its 50th anniversary, the need to renew national pride and develop a communal love for our country had made the project mandatory.

The statement partly read, 'There is a need to build up a body of locations that are 'must see' for every Nigerian and every visitor and images that can be universally recognized and promoted as Nigerian destinations. This will draw attention to the beauty of Nigeria and its people. We are borrowing from the Greek writers of yore to launch the 7 wonders of Nigeria.'

'The search for these 7 wonders will excite the nation as every one will be interested in the results, and will deliver dividends to the sites. It will unlock the opportunity for Nigeria, and the sites, to look good, feel good and create good.