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Mercy Aigbe Advise Dark Skin People To Go Lighter

Source: Sandra Nwokocha/
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Nigerian men nowadays, believe that one can't see the real face of a lady, because of the heavy makeup they put on their faces and Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, has expressed the reason why she feels ladies do that.

In an interview with Newswatch magazine, she explained that, ladies who do that, are doing for the men, because that is what they want to see.

"It depends on the individual, and I've always respected people's opinion and how they choose to live their life. If you feel you are dark and you want to make yourself lighter; if that will earn you confidence and comfort, I'd say go for it, but do not damage your skin in the process.

"I keep telling my clients that my products are not chemical based, they are made of herbs, so you don't need to exercise fear over my products. In the process of looking for comfort and confidence however, please do not get your life affected, because a lot of people have lost their lives because of this.

"And as for men who fall victim of the impersonators, I think the ladies are actually giving you what you want, so please appreciate people with dark, naturally looking girls. Therefore, guys are to blame for their actions. So on this note; we are going to go into men's fashion in the nearest future," she ended.