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Even Those With Failed Marriage Criticize Me—Toyin Aimakhu

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, is not troubled by the news that is fast spreading about her supposed crashing marriage.

Some weeks back, the actress and her husband were in the news over alleged infidelity by her husband Adeniyi Johnson which he later apologized publicly.

It seems Toyin despite her busy schedule on various set and trying to ponder over the whole scenario that has played out so far in her family does not find it funny when some set of people keep criticizing her decision.

She publicly explained that even some people who have moved from one relationship to about their fifth marriage ware even criticizing her.

In her words, “Even people in their second, third, fourth or fifth sef marriage/s are criticizing, hiss.”

Meanwhile, Her husband, Adeniyi Johnson, analysisng the whole issue as he explained that he has no validation over his behavior but thanked each an everyone that have tried in offering their advice one way or the other.

He stated though he knows that a lot of people wish him well and want the best for him but noted that if these were his last days of his relationship, he gives glory to God.

Sharing a meme, it reads, “My observation, nobody is truly real, the only time we are real is when we are criticizing the mistakes of another only to appear better. That is why we find it easier to judge people when they mess up but when we mess up, we always have an explanation to exonerate ourselves.”

In a sad tone, he wrote, “No justification. My love for you all keeps growing as I see people who want the best for me. I love you all, God bless your hustle, God over all. If these are my last days, God be praised.”