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You Are Not Stupid For Sacrificing

By Martin Beck Nworah

I know you very well! I believe we may not have seen each other but I have a strong conviction that I know something about you, I mean you reading this piece right now. My name is Martin Beck Nworah and in this short piece, I want to tell you that I am aware of what you are doing to make life worth living for the people in your life.

For giving up your leisure, deciding to pay your classmate's school fees instead of buying that expensive shoe, giving up your seat in a long journey so the old woman could sit, staying awake all night and praying for the world; MBN wishes to tell you from the depth of his heart that you are not stupid for sacrificing all these things.

You are in school and have everything you need. But you are not happy because your mates are suffering and many times, they go to bed without eating anything. Instead of shopping at that exclusive mall, you went to the local boutique and saved up some money to buy extra clothes for your friends so they won't lack. You don't know it, but you are saving them from engaging in cheap "runz" and selling their body.

Others think you are being senseless by not showing off and maintaining a high class. You could've easily bought all the expensive heels and nothing will happen but you wanted the best for the world. You gave up your pleasure for the world to be better. Martin Beck Nworah wants to tell you; "You are not stupid for sacrificing what you have for others to be happy."

You are the one who everyone looks up to in the family. When a tear drops, you are called to help out and if you don't, the situation will get out of hand. Nobody cares how you manage to get the money or resources to solve their problem. How will they even know? You don't complain and you always do it with a smiling face. You could've easily bought a new car, bought some shares in top companies, traveled abroad to enjoy your wealth and painted the whole town blue, white, red and what have you. But no you didn't. With every plea you get from home, you cannot help but help. Yes! You are a hero! The world may think you are senseless by helping others to grow while denying yourself so many things. Honestly, if you kept the resources to yourself alone, nothing will happen and certainly, the world won't end. But you sacrificed your joy so that your whole family could share in it. You are my darling! You are my saint! And as Martin Beck Nworah, I wish to tell you, from the depth of my heart, you are not stupid for sacrificing so that everyone will get a shot at a brighter future.

I know you would've looted public funds while you were in that public office. You would've amassed enough wealth to last you a lifetime without caring to know what happens to the child of the common man. If you wanted to open hundreds of foreign accounts, it would've happened and nothing will happen. But you never did. With each passing day, you thought about the future of your children and the children of those under your care. If you took away all things, what will they survive on? If I loot these funds and I'm publicly disgraced, how will MBN feel about it if he finds out that his mentor or friend or someone he knows is a public thief? Because of these and many more reasons, you made up your mind to give hope and life to the future generation. May God bless you. I say may God bless you and enrich you beyond measures. Martin Beck Nworah is strongly of the opinion that you are not stupid for sacrificing, it is surely worth it.

For our young ladies and our mothers, I am nearly brought to tears writing this but I'll hold myself together. You gave up partying and messing around while in school to invest in your future. They called you saint and cajoled you with all sorts of insults but what they don't know is that you are the one taking care of your siblings.

Instead of buying a new wrist watch, the beautiful mini gown that will make you the talk of the town and instead of using that expensive phone you got as a gift on your birthday, you sacrificed it all to you pay the school fees of your brother so that he will stay in school. They don't see all of these because you don't put it on loud speaker. The world thinks you are going insane, but they don't understand what you are passing through. Martin Beck Nworah may be writing as if he understands, I'm not sure I comprehend such a loving and large heart.

In your family, other ladies are buying the latest "agbada" materials and forming "Iron ladies club of the rich happening women in town association." You quietly tell them you cannot afford to be in the association or afford their ostensible lifestyle. They call you names and castigate you for not living your life to the fullest. But what they don't know and may never know is that you are the one carrying the load of everyone.

From your elder brother to the least of your own children in your husband's house. Before money comes in, you have already spent it on the upkeep and well being of your family with little or nothing left for yourself. The world feels you are stupid for sacrificing your life so that your children will have a better life. But they don't understand and they may never understand.

With each passing day, you continue to burn so that others will have light and survive. You are my HERO! You are my SAINT! I don't care what the world thinks about you, I will always cherish you. And I, Martin Beck Nworah (MBN), do hereby solemnly swear and tell you; "You are not stupid for sacrificing your life for the training, joy and happiness of others in your life."

I don't know if I will ever meet you. But if life's tides brings us together on any day, I will surely celebrate you! You are my celebrity! You are my mentor! You are my role model! You are the reason why I have kept a smile on my face. Never give up, you will surely live to enjoy the fruits of your labour. For sacrificing and making the world a better place, you will not be forgotten easily and I believe that those for whom you laid down your joy, they will find it worthy to celebrate you. Yes! I'm talking about you reading this piece. BE BOLD!

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.