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Indecency In Lautech: A Cry For Rescue

Source: Oseni Oluwatobi & Oluwatomilola Boyinde, Pioneer President & P.R.O, Union Of Campus Journalists, LAUTECH
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My heart is in agony as I watch helplessly while I await moral bankruptcy lash my sanitized soul. I’m from a home that upholds the best of African moral values, but now that I’m admitted into this citadel of learning, I’m being led astray. I’m troubled daily with a burden of morality; I’m being distracted and my sensibility insulted, my moral soul is threatened and defiled as I’m sexually harassed psychologically- I’m restive and the beast in me might arouse if not rescued in due time.

Wherever I look, I see ladies strutting the streets of Under G, Adenike, Yoaco, Oke-Afin; Hostels, Eateries, Restaurants, Joints, and even Fellowships and Churches in skimpy and transparent attires that leave nothing to the imagination; provocative dresses that expose sensitive parts of their bodies. One that leaves me gazed is the fact that they wear it into the campus, to lecture halls and the library. The overall atmosphere of dressing here is unpleasant to me.

I walked down from my class to the library as a newly resumed student. I originally was told "LAUTECH is an institution worthy for learning and character"; I defiled my eyes and was kept trying not to stare at pants and under-wears. One however caught my eyes and defiled my moral soul: a lady I latter found out to be an old student who should ensue discipline on younger students like myself. She had leggings, it was no ordinary leggings, it was "spiritual". I had in novels learnt about groin and all dorky and was faced with seeing one for free.

I saw the laced parting of her Vagina through the tight leggings and short blouse left her underfed backside lose. I sat under a tree. I questioned my morality: for how long shall the sins of many others defile my good conscience? This was my third day in LAUTECH and I intend spending 5 years as a student of Fine and Applied Arts, which demand of me sane and creative mind with total concentration.

Initially, before I was admitted, I had thought university is a place for only the sane, morally sound and uprightly-minded people. I had thought it is a learning land and not a fashion parade ground; a level ground for display of obscenity in the name of fashion. I had thought an academic environment is characterized with decency, focus and hard-work. I had thought university students are sane people that dress to cover all sensitive parts of the body that of course should be hidden from public glare. I had thought there is dignity when their sacred parts are covered. I had thought they dress with moral value or sense and not like sluts and pimps. Has my intuition betrayed me?

I had thought students’ clothing would not be a distraction or disruption to learning environment and appearance would not distract mates from important task of learning. I had thought the attainment of the lofty aims and objectives of education cannot be realized unless we have in our university an environment that is conducive for effective teaching and learning. I had thought university is not only where you’ll be taught scholastically but also morally and how to preserve and promote our African moral values, culture and traditions. I had thought the attitudes and values of students constitute the critical factor in the level of discipline in the university. I had thought university education is concerned with the development of total personality of students and positive changes in their behavioral patterns. Has my intuition betrayed me?

To be honest, though too early as I just ended my first semester in this citadel of learning, I’m already tired of seeing these ladies clothed in various stages of nudity, as if there is a price for the most outlandishly dressed. I can’t stand to behold these ladies wriggle half-naked from their hostels to lecture halls as if they are whores desperate for patronage anymore. I don’t want to see the shooting boobs and crazily twerking buttocks. Not anymore! I don’t want to see those pants and dirty tight while they struggle to expand their skirts which are just inches longer than their pants when they climb motorcycles. Not anymore!

It is sickening for me to see those unclean butts unclad while they struggle to sit, bend, find difficulties crossing gutters and even picking something from the ground in public. I don’t want to see the guys sagging, showing off bushy chest and dirty boxers, pants and most times bare buttocks in lecture halls. Not anymore! I don’t want to see them on studs, nose-rings, plaited hairs and some filthy materials I couldn’t identify. To me, it is absurd to see people in an academic environment dress like sluts and pimps.

First semester, and I’m already being defiled. Shall I be creative in such an environment? How do I draw dreams, color wit, sketch satire, and illustrate the bizarre through shadowboxes? After my completion of study, Shall I leave worthy in learning and character truly? Is this what I shall have to live with even though it is detrimental to my moral soul? Wouldn’t I lose my sense in due time?

I thus cry unto the University Management to come to my rescue by making stringent measures to checkmate the spate of indecency in the campus. Please, rescue me; rescue my moral soul from being tainted. Rescue me before the beast in me arouse; before I get wild and loose. Rescue me before I totally go morally bankrupt. Rescue me from perishing.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Oseni Oluwatobi & Oluwatomilola Boyinde, Pioneer President & P.R.O, Union Of Campus Journalists, LAUTECH and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."