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Read What Transpired Between A Female Photographer And VP Osinbajo During A Recent Encounter

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An online user had nothing other than praises after his encounter with the vice president -prof Yemi Oinbajo...The message was posted on Instagram by a female photographer (HMK Studios)..Read her encounter with the VP below;

Today I have seen and felt the change we have craved and chanted for so long. Today I have seen humility like no other. Today I have seen the face of a new Nigeria. I walked into chop sticks and there he was, full of smiles as my eye caught his.

He was having a meeting with someone. With only one Security aid, he sat in a full restaurant. No restrictions whatsoever. People walked in and out freely like it was any other day.

As I approached him, his aid stopped me with a very straight and unfriendly face and immediately he called out to him.. "Let her come, please let her come". After talking, I asked if I could take a picture and he was more than happy to pose. As I took this snap, he said "I'm glad you didn't catch me eating" ?? ••• Renewed hope for a new Nigeria ??