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I did not follow President Barrack Obama's visit to Kenya as closely as I would have wished to...but was privy to his open-air address in a stadium this last Sunday in the month of July.

To say his speech was eloquent is to understate the fact...and to allude to his oratory powess is just stating the obvious.

He was as fluid as ever as he held his audience spell-bound...recounting his pre-birth history, his first visit to Kenya as a fresh law graduate and as a senator of the United States.

He admonished his hosts on subjugation of women, harmful traditional practices and corruption.

He spoke extensively on other issues...

But what in your own opinion is the real motive behind Obama's visit to Kenya and Ethiopia?

I think...

1.To secure spots for naval bases on the Indian Ocean coast and islands...considering expansionist tendencies from China that evolves new islands and expands old ones by sand-filling! Such man-made islands are several kilometres long...and their oblong shapes can only suggest one thing...use as airstrips!

Also, Russia's ambitions as it annexed Crimea in Ukraine.

2. To secure land for air bases... in Kenya and Ethiopia et al using Kenya as his pressure launch pad.

So, if the United States were to need more of those in future, they only have to exploit the personal relationship between Barrack Obama and Uhuru Kenyatta to reach out to other East African states!

It would not have been smart of him to spend two whole terms as president of the United states without connecting with his Kenyan roots...only to be mandated to go "speak with his people" at war time!

He leaned too much on his Kenyan background...countless stories...not to arouse suspicions about his real mission!

The same theory applies to his parley with Nigeria...air and naval bases on the West African coast...not too strategic...but who knows?

Yet, in his "stadium address", his emphasis to Kenyan youths to stay back home and develop their nation might just be an indication of his own regrets for applying his talents to serve the land of the white man...rather than his native Kenya.

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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