I Pray For More Scandals, Controversies—Chidinma

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Talented Nigerian singer, Chidinma Ekile, since winning a reality show in 2010, has been climbing one step to another in the music industry. She has also been dropping hit singles since then, and now, she is a darling to her teaming fans.

The petite singer recently stated that her November 2013 alleged $ex tape almost ruined her career because she never saw it coming.

According to her, she thought her career would come to an end, but said she was surprised that her career got a huge boast afterwards, swelling her fan base in the process.

“When the $ex scandal thing came out, I felt it was the end of my career. I never expected it. My mom asked if I was just sitting down and expecting it to come but I wasn't just expecting it. I felt there was nothing more for me, but from the gain side of it, it pushed my followership up and I was like, Oh my God, I need more of this.

“So, anytime my name gets in the news, I'm like, it's just another one of it and I get used to it, like I am actually used to it. It's fun. Someone was telling me, you can't run away from it, it's part of the things that comes with the industry.

“So, basically I am just used to it. My fan base grew from the incident. But I felt quite devastated at first, I thank my core fans for their support through the scandal,” she told City People.