Pretty Okafor, Sunny Neji Stress Significance Of PMAN Biometric Card

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Over the weekend, the Nigerian music industry got a facelift with the recent launch of the much talked about Biometric Identity Card introduced by the Performing Musician Association of Nigeria (PMAN) to help artistes realize returns for their hard work.

According to PMAN president, Pretty Okafor, the aim of the Biometric ID card is to help ascertain the number of artistes under its organisation with the sole aim of helping them recover returns from their creative works and at the same time help to prepare a good future for them in case of any accident.

Pretty explained that the PMAN biometric card is the official PMAN National identification card that qualifies the holder as a genuine member of the association and entitles him/her to enjoy the benefits and privileges due to registered members.

Speaking on how it can help the younger crop of artistes, the PMAN president stated that the oragnisation has began organising conferences to enlighten the younger artistes and also had made it clear to them that the initiative was not about the older generations but for them the future entertainers.

“Once you get the ID card, you have a three week course, you pass through the rudiment computer and then you attend the music school for three months, though it is optional as we can't force anybody to do that but it is in there registration forms. But what we are trying to do is to put a standard that is happening around the world and we are trying to take the kids of the streets and off drugs because once you are educated enough to manage yourself, you will be able to stay off what is going to destroy your life.”

Attesting to the Biometric Card idea, singer, singer, Sunny Nneji, affirmed that this was his first time seeing an idea work while assuring that it was a great move towards ensuring sanity in the Nigerian music industry.

Sunny Nneji stated that Nigerian musicians have not been respect because there is no solid structure in place but noted that with the new PMAN initiative, musicians will now be smiling to the banks as their works will no longer be downloaded for free.