Lagos Couples’ Conference 2015 With Pst Bisi & Yomi Adewale

LCC pix for site
LCC pix for site

It has come and gone but the impact will never leave the lives of the couples that were present. We have been getting amazing positive feed-backs from the attendees. It’s no other programme than this year’s LAGOS COUPLES’ CONFERENCE, TAGGED- EXCELLENT MARRIAGE. It was a programme ‘UNUSUAL.” Probably you even saw the fliers and felt it’s the normal church sermon & you’ve had enough of it; can I humbly tell you that you were wrong. Couples learnt what no Pastor in any church wil l preach to them on the pulpit. Romance was re-ignited, couples were trained to be what, who and how God wants them to be and to also live how he wants them to live which will rub on the way they train their children and in turn we have a divorce-free society.

WOW!!! The Intimate Talking Time was another thing; it was very glaring with the looks on their faces that they hardly do that for long at home. They actually didn’t want it to end but there were other things lined up.

The high point was having Pastor Bisi Adewale talk to the couples on “THE WONDERS OF AN INTENTIONAL MARRIAGE” and the wonder is just doing one thing in many areas-‘TALKING’ in and on everything (Communication which is a dialogue and not a monologue). Talking intentionally not when there is a problem, talking to inform and not to deform and talking to yourselves not at yourselves. Let me give you a sneak peek on areas to talk;

Your relationship with God
Your Vision
Your Love Life
Your In-laws
Your Children
Your Sex life etc.
To get more on that, get a copy of our book titled Excellent Marriage Training Manual Series 1-5.

Lest I forget, our couple of the year Mr & Mrs Samuel Oyetola were in the house. They have been married for 50years and still waxing strong. They were prayed for and also presented with their anniversary gift.

You can catch a glimpse of the event in the attached pictures. IT WAS EXCELLENT MARRIAGE INDEED.