Nollywood Actress, Thelma Omone Advice Against Casual Sex

Source: Titilope Adeuja/
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For many people in an amorous relationships, having s3x symbolise the consumation of such a union as mutual consenting partners indulge in the act. For some, the act of s3x is of reassurance and loyalty.

But for Nigerian actress turned singer, Thelma Omone O'khaz, the act of s3x is not necessarily an affirmation of love. The controversial entertainer gave the advice in the bid to reduce the promiscuity among the female gender.

Speaking with Vanguard, she said, "Sex is not love. Somewhere the definition of womanhood changed, too. Ladies, and I use the term loosely, stop spreading your legs for everyman to (bit), every smooth talking guy that comes along. Sex is not love!"

Thelma Omone was in the news recently after denying that she bleached her skin which is now fairer.She has featured in the movies 'Costly Mistakes', 'White Hunters' and 'Return of the White Hunters' and recently, 'Desperate Housewife Africa'.