Ex-NTA Big Girl, Grace Egbagbe In Search Of Husband

Source: Titilope Adeuja/Nigeriafilms.com
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For many years, Grace Egbagbe was a top staff of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). At a point, she was the Marketing Director of the Federal Government owned broadcast station.

During her youthful days, she was the cynosure of many eyes belonging to men, who wanted her for keeps. But when she eventually settled down for one, it did not end well.

Speaking with Nigerian Pilot recently in an interview, Grace explained how she has been able to still keep her charming look.

But then, she said even though she wishes to marry again, she would not pray to have a husband that would pummel her like her former.

She further said being out of marriage has been a blessing to her because at the moment, she doesn't “have the first problem of my husband beating me up, not providing for me or throwing me out.”

“I will rather not have a husband, than have one that will do all that, but I am hoping that I do get a husband that is God sent to me.

"He has to be a good provider, who is kind and loving; whether old or young. I also need someone who compliments me,” she also said.