My Wife Isn’t Jealous Despite Ladies Chasing Me—DJ Neptune

Source: Titilope Adeuja/
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Mention the top disc jockeys in the country and you cannot miss out the dark-skinned DJ Neptune. The handsome and hardworking entertainer has grown to become one of the respected and sought after in the profession.

But what most people do not know about him is that DJ Neptune is a happily married man and would only leave his family if the money is right. During the daytime, he is with his family and at night, when he is needed most, he leaves home only when it involves money.

"I am also a family man and it is not easy balancing family and work. I am the kind of guy that you would hardly see in a club if I am not working.

"It has to be about the money, I don't just leave my house if I would not get paid. My work is at night, so I make sure I spend time with my family during the day," the DJ told Punch.

DJ Neptune also said ladies still admire him despite putting on his ring. He said, "I have never removed my wedding ring for any reason since I got married to my wife. Though I am married, ladies still chase me.

"My wife is my number one fan and she is very supportive. She is not the jealous type."