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My Library Of Spiritual Books Helped Me Get My Wife - Evangelist Mike Bamiloye Of Mount Zion Films

Source: Titilope Adeuja/
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The names Mike and Gloria Bamiloye would bring to mind the many films from the stable of Christian movie makers, Mount Zion Films Faith Ministries, which has produced films such as 'Busy But Guilty', Blood On The altar', 'The Haunting Shadows', 'Stormy Seas', One Carelss Night'

In the chat with City People, Mike Bamiloye revealed that he did not have material possessions to swoon his wife at the time but his spiritual books were what swept her off her feet the first time she visited him while in school.

"In 1985, sometimes in early July, I proposed to her to marry me and she told me she would pray over it. On August 4th, 1985, she revisited my proposal and said “Yes” to it. Now, the real issue was that, I had nothing. I had nothing physical or material that any lady could be proud of.

"I had only one single room, with one bed, one table and chair, a standing hanger where I hanged my few fading shirts and only one suit which I used to iron from time to time and red tie from special occasion.

"When Sister Gloria visited my abode for the first time, these were all I had and she saw. My physical and material possessions could never be compared to what I was on the campus.

"But, when Sis Gloria entered my room, one afternoon, she never saw all those things I mentioned but only one thing arrested her attention: my bookshelf containing several spiritual books.

"She hasten to the shelf and shouted “Whao!”, and she sat by the bookshelf and began to look at those precious books she had longed to have and read. Ah!. I was happy I had what she wanted and desired. She wanted spiritual books that would make her grow."