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”Women Who Bleach Their Skin Have A Horrible Smell” – Olisa Adibua

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Just yesterday, Nigerian actress claimed Nigerian men prefer light skinned women and stated that as her reason for bleaching her skin to get a fair tone and explained that she's been getting a lot of attention from men since she toned up. READ it HERE

Olisa Adibua wasn't going to have any of that crap she was saying and came out to fire shots at her by claiming women who bleach their skin stink.

During his 'Morning Rush' radio show on Beat 99.9FM on May 6, the famous media personality spoke strongly against the idea of women changing their skin-color with no knowledge of its side effects.

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”I think it is disgusting and horrible”, Olisa said. Adding, ”I don't believe most Nigerian men love women with fair skin… In fact, being natural is most preferable.”

Speaking on some of the the effects of bleaching, the fair-skin media giant said, ”most women who bleach end up with darker knuckles and knees like its not part of their bodies. They also have a very horrible smell.”

While we know different men have different taste, we would like to know, as a Nigerian man, do you prefer women who bleach their skin or not?

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