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The Fraud called Nigeria

By Iyke Obed
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Do you see why an average Nigerian leaving in the Zoo called Nigeria are monkeys and baboons. How can someone in their right state of mind call Nigerian election "Free and Fare" ? election marred with rigging and irregularities, killing, bombing and child voting, only in the zoo. An average Nigerian is a thief and a fraud , they know nothing about the word "Truth" they rather lair to please the OGA ON TOP, so as to get the crumb under the master's table. None of them cares about the ZOO called Nigeria, as long as their pocket is sorted the minority's can go to hell, even if it takes voting in The chief Terrorist himself into power, Terrorism, BOKO HARAM , Alamajiri , SHARIALIST BUHARI. But what they are forgetting is that the ZOO has expired and is like a TIMED BOMB waiting to explode, and by the grace of GOD it will, just like the great Soviet Union which is no more today. Th indigenous people of the contraction called Nigeria the ZOO is agitating for their freedom, and GOD willing , just like the Phoenix, from our ashes we shall arise again and avenge the GENOCIDAL MASS MURDERING of 6 Million BIAFRANS Adults and children in the hands of the mass murderer himself Terrorist Buhari. God bless the land of the Rising Sun, God Bless BIAFRA
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