The Promise of December

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Listener of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Hausa service may be aware and looking forward to the fulfillment of promises made by a serving minister and former minister. They promised Nigerians unconditionally under no duress on different on

platforms and reasons. In an interview Ambassador Ibrahim Kazaure, Minister for special duties granted the radio station, he promised Nigerian that they will enjoy 6,000 megawatts unfailingly in the month of December (2009).Also in the same radio station, Mallam Nasir El-Rufa'i, former Minister of Federal Capital Territory, promised to be in Nigeria before Christmas Day 2009.

What made these promises unique is that none of them (Kazaure and El-Rufa'i) was forced to make these promises to Nigerians. And since then Nigerians have been looking forward to the month of December to see if these promises will be fulfilled. Will both of them fulfill there promises? Or will both of them make excuses for their inability to fulfill their promises? And lastly, will one of them fulfill his promises and the other unable to do so?

Leaders and men of repute all over the world are mindful of the responsibilities they shouldered and these always make them to be mindful of their words and actions. In some societies when men of nobility realized that they can not fulfill the promises they made, they either resign or apologies for their inability to do so. And this has made such societies to value, respect and honour their leaders as very serious people.

On the other hand, when citizens of a country come to realize that their leaders always make promises that they cannot fufill, it affects their relationship in whatever the leadership plans to do in future. The personality of who ever fails to fulfil a promise he voluntarily makes is at stake, no body will ever take him/her serious again.

Due to the importance of electricity in the modern world and availability of it constantly as the gateway to industrial development, Nigerians were very happy with Ambassador Ibrahim Kazaure's promise of 6000 megawatts in December. I personally have been monitoring the hours we get electricity daily in the part I lived in Kano. It has been improving and getting worse at the same time. Sometimes we enjoy electricity for about two hour to six hour daily and almost complete blackout a day or more. It has really improved unlike in the past where we spend about a week without electricity.

On the part of Mallam Nasir El- Rufa'i, the former minister of Federal Capital Territory, who is on the wanted list of EFCC for corrupt practices? And, also presently a critic of President Umaru Yar'dua's government has vowed to return to Nigeria from self exile before Christmas day. He vowed to return even if he will loose his life. El-fRufa'i is fighting the battle of his life as his integrity, personality and name is at stake.

To some Nigerians El-Rufa'i is a hero who fearlessly and religiously implemented the Abuja Master Plan. In their opinion he brought sanity and beauty to the Federal Capital Territory while some Nigerians also view El-Rufa'i as a sadist, the Chief executor of any anti-human, masses and people policies of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo's Administration. The name Nasir El-Rufa'i means terror to those that he had destroyed their homes, source of living hood and to the families of those that lost their lives due to the after shock of El-Rufa'i's dosage.

Many Nigerians will like El-Rufa'i to be back to clear his name on several allegations of corruption, self enrichment and abuse of power, if he is innocent. If he is innocent, he will earn more respect from Nigerians. They will continue to count the days before charismas expecting El-Rufa'i returns to the country.

Kazaure and El-Rufai's promises to Nigerians in December are all very important, 6,000 megawatts of electricity will definitely add value to Nigerians way of live and their economy. The billions of naira that El-Rufa'i is asked to account for when he returns in December will either return to the treasury or if it is lies, Nigerians will know that he has no monies of theirs with him.

May the Almighty Allah strengthen them in fulfilling their promises to Nigerians in the month of December.

Shehu Mustapha Chaji

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