By NBF News

Rightly has the Lord instructed us to'Give Honour to those whom Honour is due'! Romans 13: 7

But this injunction does not taboo us from condemning all the DISHONOURABLE men and women of this our highly troubled Nigerian country now!

I am by this above instruction; and in fairness to my conscience as one of Prof's brethren in the pen pushing profession who pricked, no, punctured his peace in the recent past through this medium – over his stand on our town's domestic, but volatile issue of aboriginal and non- aboriginal rumpus, I think I am now convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the unfolding cheerful events presently taking place in my town Atani in Ogbaru L. G. A. of Anambra State; and our nation (Nigeria) at large, offers this golden opportunity for me now to reverse myself over my previous contentions or condemnation of that my big brother's earlier standing which he has now retracted.

Nothing gladdens the soul as REPENTANCE!
Let me now, as Gospel preacher, cite two relevant incidents that happened in the Bible citations. One was the incident of Luke 15, from verse 11 to end – concerning the story by Jesus Christ about a Prodigal Son! My reference point here is not about the son's prodigality than about the father's high brow celebration for the REPENTANCE of his son. I will elaborate later.

The other Biblical reference; and the one very relevant to this my big brother's (Prof. Nwabueze's) discuss, is the incident of Saul, later transformed Paul after conversion or REPENTANCE, recorded in the Book of Acts of the Apostles, Chapters 7 to 13.

Now, what is the topical issue? The topical issue is this contrast I am about to make of Saul, later baptized Paul (Saint Paul) of Israel; and my big brother - Prof. Ben Nwabueze, SAN, of Atani, in 0gÆs, I find very compelling to compare and contrast in this feature.

Both men are people of letters; that is, great learning; for Festus Porcius had acknowledged Saint Paul's learning during the latter's prosecution, by this statement: 'Much learning doth make thee mad'! (Acts 26: 24). My brother Prof. Ben Nwabueze, SAN, is a world renowned, reputable Constitutional Lawyer; a Law Professor; and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). That means 'much learning', according to Procurator Festus of that first century A.D Biblical account.

These two personalities are also accredited zealots; but at different levels or areas of zealotry according to their beliefs or ideology until both men suddenly realized that their zeal was on the converse side not desired of them by Providence or Destiny! For instance, while great Saul as he was then at the wrong side of zealotry, was murdering Christians on account of his perverted faith, my exalted brother – Prof. Nwabueze, SAN - was on his own perverse side (I have reason to believe so), busy creating and actively promoting / supporting dichotomy and slavery on a segment of his Atani community -up to court litigations!

The self-proclaimed, ill-conceived zealotry of these two personalities in my discuss, were odious to God; so, thanks to (God) that He intervened in their lives at the time He knew best to do so! Paul now, after his transformation, performed exceedingly well in his stewardship for God; and was rewarded with the highest Cleric title of ' APOSTLE' for the entire Gentile nations, which includes Nigeria. This reward is aside of his merited heavenly position!

As for my own dear brother Prof; because he hearkened to the lamenting outcries and voices of reason within and outside his Atani community; and checked himself to do the pleasure of God by initiating peace and reconciliatory packages for his crisis torn Atani town for sixty - six (66) years, from 1943 to 2009, with a court judgment in 1964 that gave impetus for the town being ruled under two autonomous communities of Group A and Group B, God currently elevated this my brother with a glorious appointment of the Vice Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council to our country's Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan.

My earnest wish and prayer to God is that He (God), through this transformation of my big brother - Prof., energize and bestow him with a clearer vision to execute all his now noble plans which include soft revolving loan package for impoverished farmers of my dear Atani town. I equally pray that the light of his current transformation shine fully in our Ogbaru communities which are dazed by the present wind of change in my Atani town; and also for this glowing light to reflect in the onerous tasks facing him and his exalted colleagues in the newly appointed / inaugurated Presidential Advisory Council.