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Ubochi tata ,mmiri juru awo onu. The trend that is forming in my state is no longer that of political affiliations and tilting toward a candidate. It is getting worrisome ,it is scarier and it is getting to a point those with love for the state will shout -ogini na afio .

My old man will always say "when two Elephants fight ,the grass suffers" but this time it is no longer ELEPHANTIC fight ,it has gone far above what can be swept under the mgbe emesialu.

I remembered when i was the first to announce that there is no LOVE between FORMER GOVERNOR AND THE INCUMBENT ,some of the new entrants in SOCIAL MEDIA shouted and spitted all around me ,calling me lier and all those silly and childish tantrums.

Today it is absolute that the hostility is getting to a very dangerous level ,i have received death threats from those Royal to the Incumbent Governor Emeka Egoigwe​ Hon Eneh Victor Chigozie​ aluta panorama and many others have been threatened with death and bodily harms .

It was amusing in the first place but now it is no longer so ,we all know that nobody, not even the Boko Haram has monoploy to violence ,it get to a time the Army who the Boko Haram thought were weak has to get up and show them ife agwo jiri ka mbe ogologo .

The Violence conspiracy in the state is not a sign of strenght ,it is rather a sign of weakness ,because ubochi amuru dike na MBA ka amuru ibe ya and the only danger in society is pushing a man to take a resolution of EITHER WE LIVE OR DIE and that is the most dangerous trend ,atuara omalu ,omalu ,ma atualu ofeke ,nya fenye isi na ofia ,but moving on..

The present antagonistic jeer from corridors of power is not what we want our state to be ,i know it and you know it that while it lasted in the days of OKIJA BRAND OF POLITICS ,that the state was in great turmoil and we became the eye sore of the Nation .It took the intervention of God and careful with skillful understanding of one man to make that state HOME FOR ALL ,a state where every body not minding political leanings tries to live and let live. Even the UGA brothers for once lived for over 5 years without fomenting any trouble and the state was in absolute peace.

Now the muscles flexed in the state ,the acrimony and disdain exhibited ,the tigbue zogbue is getting out of hand ,my old man in his wisdom will say "anyuko mamiri onu ,ogbo ufufu" and that Jamaican philosopher chant and i provide "ONE LOVE ,ONE WORLD ,LET,S GET TOGETHER AND WILL BE ALRIGHT" and i will say -Chief Osadebe held brief for me when he said and i quote "AGADI NWANYI NA ININE".

I have witnessed politics charged with tension ,i have seen western political blood letting ,i have seen politics that tore family apart BUT ALL OF THEM ENDS IN JUST 8 years and when we say 8 years ,it looks like ages but before your son will have the gut to bring a girl home those 8 years has come and gone.

I saw a dark sky ,i saw a very dark and clouded sky in my state and my prayers is that it must not rain that evil rain for it will do the state and our future no good .

About your political allegiance ,every one of them has interest on you while they needs you to climb and once they got what they want from you and secure victory ,they will cut you off as a dirt and may remember you during election period ..

BE WISE ,do not allow yourself to be used for EVIL, for posterity ka m na ebelu akwa maka odiniru umu anyi ga aju anyi ife anyi na eme ,obodo anyi jiri mebisia.

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