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Actor, Mofe Duncan Introduces Fiancé to Father

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With the whole noise by political parties and analysts in the country ahead of the forth coming 2015 general elections in Nigeria, many continue to wonder how credible the elections will be and how truthful will the winner be with his manifestoes after winning the elections.

While some celebrities continue to campaign for their candidate of choice, some have chosen to sit on the fence to watch the out come of the elections. But one person that is not happy with the situation of the country is Afro-beat singer, Dede Mabiaku, who has pointed out that what the country is lacking is truthful leadership.

He described the present crop of political office holders as 'legis-looters and execu-thieves' who are ripping off the common man in this country.

According to him, “Truth. You'll hardly find people who are truthful to themselves. Look around you, the politicians we have today are legis-looters and execu-thieves. They are ripping off the common man in this country. Aren't we ashamed of ourselves? The Arabs developed their country with the money they made from their oil. Don't we have oil too? But our leaders spend our oil windfall on prostitutes and partying abroad, building useless mansions that the masses can't rent. I was in the east of America and they showed me some massive houses belonging to our senators and governors. Truth is missing in the system. People say I don't talk like Fela. Fela was Fela. He didn't wear shoes but canoes. For me, I do my bit until we start to respect the rule of law, accountability and credibility in our system. I missed Fela's sincerity, his jokes because he was the greatest man in Nigeria. He was the first black man ever to be represented on the Broadway, that's the heights of theater in the world. He was bigger than anything this country has brought down. Look around my house- everywhere, my room, my mind, my spirit- I'm in tune with Fela. Fela lives on.”