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Muhammadu Buhari and the Forty Megawatts Fools! – by Gbenro Olajuyigbe

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'We can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives and in the loss of purpose for our nation' – Jimmy Carter

Common sense is against them. Nature is against them. Time is against them. Truth is against them. And now, even their own lies are against them. They said Buhari is a Religious Bigot, their hypocrisy was detected and they abandoned that course. They moved on to another level that he sponsors Boko Haram. While giving life to this lie, little did they know that it was an indictment of the President, the so called Commander-in Chief they are recklessly supporting. They forgot that by pushing this lie, they are portraying the President's incompetence and witlessness in dealing with a 'known person sponsoring' the most heinous crime in the history of Nigeria and mankind, thereby corroborating the need for CHANGE!           When they failed in this sojourn of falsehood, they did not give up. They stepped up! They say Buhari has no basic qualification to contest election, he dazed them with a testimonial of a result from a Principal of a school he attended over fifty three years ago. When they are losing ground of this, they said the certificate is fake. Nobody listen to them again.

They accused Buhari of using Decree 4 of 1984 to jail Journalists during his regime as a military ruler; Tunde Thompson one of the Jailed Journalists came  out to endorse Buhari as a leader we need in times like this. They said Buhari wrongly put the late Papa Ajasin in prison in 1983; today, Chief Jumoke Anifowose, the delightsome daughter of Baba Ajasin is campaigning for Buhari. They said he put our very revered Chief Obafemi Awolowo under house arrest as a military ruler, today, Dolapo Osinbajo, Awolowo's grand daughter is on podium for Buhari. Mourners who weep more than the bereaved; are everywhere against Buhari. The more they hate him the more he is loved by much more people. Defeat is daring the ruling party, PDP on the face; and now every Bode George, Dasuki and  Jonathan want elections to be postponed. Postponement of the February election is now the new song of the people whose time is up! In their desperation, they even forgot their own mortality. They have decided to share God's glory with him like Lucifer by assuming the power of God over life and death; They even now determine who will die next among the mortal beings. What a squirrel of a people! I knew that Ayodele Fayose, the roguish and childish governor of Ekiti is sick but I did not know until now that it is a psychiatric case. Even though I have not seen the laboratory analysis of the sick boy's illness, his  cruel and callous paid  advert of death-wish for Mohammadu Buhari,  on the prime pages of Punch and Sun Newspapers of January 19, 2015 have removed every doubt surrounding his mental illness. The abuse of the biblical word of God on life and death, the religious and ethnic insensitivity his message connoted is symptom of  a severely sick mind. How did Ekitis end up with this renowned poultry fraudster, whose cases with the Jonathan's comatose EFCC is on abeyance is indeed psycho-sociological issue for  further investigation. Although am aware that Fayose's attitude can be explained within his neuro-psychological disorder prompted by the awareness of fate that awaits a fraudster and a thief; knowing fully that every criminal have a date with trauma where the just rule, I still  expected  a  flash of pretence to a pinch of  sanity from him, a governor of a place immediate past governor of the same Ekiti, Kayode Fayemi branded 'ile iyi, ile eye'- a place  of honour and dignity!. It is now becoming clearer that the awareness that we are all human beings has been lost by the President's disciples, one of which Fayose is. His 'transformation' from a mortal governor to immortal and 'omnipotent' dispenser of life and death are ethos that can only be acquired through association with a 'shepherd' to whom the dead of his 'sheep' counts for nothing. To such people, the death of a fellow human being is just a mere advantage. Any wonder why Fayose's mentor went agog when fifty nine (59) Nigerian Students were killed last year in Bunin Yadi; expiratingly  dancing WizKid's 'Carol' at the Stadium under the guise of celebrating slavish Centenary. When over one hundred persons were killed  in Katsina, he insisted  on illegal campaign for re- election. Over 20 Nigerians youth were forwarded to Mortuaries by his Ministry of Interior via Nigeria Immigration Service; the Minister of Interior who should by now have been sacked and sanctioned had the temerity to  blame the dead for their own 'impatience'. Over fifteen thousand Nigerians have been killed under his watch, yet he is still talking of re-election. Nigeria's 200 Naira as of today exchanges for one United States dollar. 19 Local Government areas are now under the clutch of Boko Haram and we still call someone Commmander in Chief? Nations raise Army to keep peace, protect citizens and defend territories. Here, our soldiers are reduced to guarding rouges, escorting touts and abusing opponents and opposition.

Last year at a Regional Summit in Paris, France on Security in Nigeria, Mr President made a presentation that Boko Haram has killed 12,000 Nigerians or Residents of Nigeria, Injured or maimed 8,000 persons and displaced hundreds of thousands of his citizens. The issues in his campaign for re-election should be how far he has stemmed the tides of these orgies and not about how many riffles his predecessors bought or did not buy. He should lay on the podium of his re-election campaign what he has done so far to deliver on the primary purpose of government, security; not what his predecessors did not do. The Nigeria electioneering campaign has been reduced to attack on personalities. Issues are being ignored and the atmosphere is now charged because leadership is missing.The Nigeria Elections are being held against the background of increasing political tensions with opportunity for violent electoral and other strand of conflicts without a corresponding security measure in place to respond to possible outbreak of violence. This is worsen by persisting and unbaiting insurgency that has already overstressed the security apparatus, if they are not overwhelmed. Increasing vulnerability of  people continue to play out in the war-like campaign languages and remarks that are largely abusive and highly intolerant of opposing views and positions. The conduct of political actors and followers mobilising votes along extremely explosive ethnic and religious lines leaves much to desire. It can be reasonably predicted that the elections may not be freed from violence, especially post-electoral violence. Nigerians should not allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by the cruel callousness of the thieves on the podia, who six years ago promised security, good health care, employment, education, second Niger Bridge and eradication of corrupt practises among other; and six years after thinking we are suffering  from memory retardation, promising the same things! Afflictions will rise again and again until we realize that our safety and security largely depend on our willingness and ability to elect efficient, effective, future- thinking, present- acting and problem – solving leaders; not the forty megawatts fools who masturbate religiosity and ethnicity to acquire power without purpose and dispense darkness instead of light!

Gbenro Olajuyigbe is an Abuja based Human Security Expert and a Human Rights Activist.

E:Mail: [email protected]
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