A senatorial aspirant was molested in his home town

By Tom Garba,Yola

As few weeks is remaining to the count down of 2015 February elections,politicians are keeping watch to ensure victory by constant visit to the electorate, a senatorial aspirant to represent the Adamawa central senatorial zone Dr Aliyu Idi Hong was molested in Hong his home town on a commiseration visit to the area since the town was damaged down by Islamic extremist with the intention to extend Hong as their conquered territory.

The former minister met his water low by some angry youth they claim Idi did not do anything tangible in the shatter town of Hong when he was a state minister of health,they expected his coming when he was in office but turn deft hears to the cry of his people by refusing to come around his kings men and electorates, no body has benefitted from his arranged appointment as minister by his political master known to be Prof Jibrin Aminu.

The angry mob berates the aspirants with tones of abuse describing him as opportunist who do not value them,they assure him of casting their votes against him.

When interview one of the youth who plea not to print his name through a telephone call narrated the ordeals rained on the aspirant shown that the "electorates are becoming knowledgeable of people their rights and the kind of person should represent them"

"The man did not help anybody when he was a minister,he hardly come home even if he comes he will sneak in and sneak out for fear of not to be disturbed

"Prof Aminu worked the previous appointment for him now we can work our own for him with our votes, be certain our votes will count against him because we are ready to cast our votes to a more credible candidate like Binani ,protect our votes and defends our votes so rigging will not work this time around". He fumed!

All effort to reach him before filling this report through a telephone call was not successful,as the phone will keep on ringing without answer or when manage to answer he will response by telling one "I am on a meeting I will call you later"

Idi is consider to be an unpopular candidate probably because of the "kangaroo primaries" that was conducted in Abuja in absence of many aspirants vying for the same post,some were not in his support because of his imposition to many people of the area by Jibrin Aminu who is Hong political father and back borne causing him to have many political enemies.