My Take On The Removal Of N10 From PMS.

By Nafiu Babatunde Bolaji

Voluntary actions by private citizens working together to right injustices, change directions and pursue benefits for the common good should be noted by the government, not disfranchising the voice of the masses. The objectives of democratic government are, one would hope, less selfish, and sincere but reverse is the case. Another thing is, do we also have rights to food, water, shelter, and such things as health care, education and social security like the upper class? Presidency budgeted N4b for food and stuffs! Is there any equity? Is it truly a Democratic government? Are they representing our interests as citizens of Nigeria? I guess the answer is NO!

Government must ensure that the essential prerequisites for a well-functioning economy are in place. These include the rule of law, minimal corruption, human capital development, good infrastructures, fair compensation and working conditions for employees, so they are encouraged to work efficiently and to provide quality goods and services. But the real intent of this position of removing just N10 is unfair and shows the incompetency of the government and the set of economic team we have in place.

Seriously, the FG should justify helping corporate interests, and not only against foreign competition, but by siding with domestic companies and meeting up with the citizen's right to good life. We shouldn't have been in this present mess only if the government have diversified the economy but the present team lack visions and innovations. God bless Nigeria.

Nafiu Babatunde Bolaji

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