Tha Suspect Reveals Secrets Behind Chidinma’s Success

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Tha suspect, who is an in-house producer of talented music star, Chidinma Ekile, has disclosed the secret behind Miss Kedike's fame and continuous hits.

According to the music producer who also works with Capital Hills owned by the renowned music video producer Clarence Peters, Chidinma, got to the level she is now through the grace of God.

“I am the in-house producer for Chidinma and also in charge of her lyrics too. The only thing responsible for Chidinma's rise will be the grace of God. Sometimes, its not just about the talent , its also about what God expects you to do with what he gives you. Chidinma's determination and will power is also part of it. She wants to survive in the music industry”.
The multi talented artiste also commented on what makes him stand out and how he manages to infuse humour in his songs.

“The fact that I infuse humour in my music has made me different. Even if I want to talk about the government, I still add humour to the music. Finding something people can connect with has also been my selling point. One of the things the industry does to you is that, you get too used to the glamour and you forget about the fact that you are human. I never want to lose that side of me because it is responsible for my music and the character they know as Tha Suspect," he squealed.