Apc And Buhari Have Raped Nigerians Without Condoms And Threatened Us From Taking Post-exposure Prophylaxis

By Pharm Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu

Every Silent onlooker is either a traitor or a Coward…..

APC and General Buhari have raped Nigerians without condoms and threatened us from taking Post-exposure prophylaxis. Nigerians should run away from this first and second generation transformed infectious EBOLA diseases called APC and BUHARI

APC and Buhari are terrorists. Nigeria is not a banana republic. Nigeria is a democracy. A man with Buhars mindset of Violence, Coup and Terrorism will never rule Nigeria again.

The impunities of General Buhari, the man APC wants to foist on Nigerians has become legendary. Just few hours ago APC and their cronies instigated the youths in Jos to burn down the Campaign Bus of President Goodluck Jonathan, reminiscence of what Buhari did in 2011 after losing the Presidential election where he called on youths to deal with those who saw to his downfall that resulted to the death of over 800 innocent Nigerians and Youth Corpers (RIP)mostly of Southern Nigerian Origin
For a man that is so unrepentant and does not value the sanctity of human life to be foisted of Nigerians will never happen in our life time, No way, No how, No Buhari


Has Buhari apologized to the families of the 800 Nigerians and youth corpers his boys killed in 2011

Has Buhari apologized to Ben Ogedengbe's family for killing him for a crime that didnt carry death penalty when he committed it.

Has Buhari apologized to Nigerians for insulting the Nigerian Nation by refusing to appear before a democratic Oputa Panael

Has Buhari apologized to the people of Lagos state for canceling Jakande's Metroline Project & forfeiting the $50 million Lagos paid for it

Why did Buhari regime use violence to stop the September 1985 National Conference of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)

Has Buhari apologized for the Coup he carried out against democracy in Nigeria?

Has Buhari apologized for heading the ONLY military administration that did not have a transition plan to hold elections?

Has Buhari apologized for jailing Tai Solarin and denying him his asthma drugs simply because he campaigned against military rule?

Has Buhari apologized for jailing Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson for writing a truthful report which embarrassed his govt?

Has Buhari apologized for raiding Papa Awolowo's house and seizing his passport so he couldn't travel out of the country?

Has Buhari apologized for throwing VP Alex Ekwueme in jail even though it was proven that Ekwueme DID NOT steal?

What reason did Buhari have for jailing Ojukwu in 1984? Ojukwu was not in Shagari's govt and he did not steal!. Has he apologized to Ojukwus family or his widow Bianca?

What reason did Buhari have for jailing honest Pa Michael Adekunle Ajasin, who did not steal as Ondo State Gov?

Why did Buhari jail Fela Kuti in 1984? What was Fela's crime? Singing against military govt?

Can Buhari explain to young Nigerians why he banned the Nigerian Medical Association? Does he hate doctors and healthcare?

Can Buhari explain to Nigerian Students why he banned the National Association of Nigerian Students, because they demonstrated against him? Does he hate students?

Can Buhari explain why he banned free education in Nigeria and stopped Nigerian Students from have free meals on campus. Has it anything to do with the fact that he is not educated and does not have a High School certificate?

Why did the Buhari regime break up a press conference of ASUU in 1984 and detain four of their executives

We therefore call on the Federal Government to arrest Buhari, Lai Mohammed and Bola Tinubu with immediate effect to prevent more shedding of innocent Nigerian bloods, loss of lives and properties.

Nigeria is bigger than the dream of one confused man or the lies of Lai Mohammed, Oyegun, Buhari and Tinubu

Pharm ikeagwuonwu chinedu
Goodluck Jonathan re-election support group
Western Europe
Stockholm. Sweden
[email protected]

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