By NBF News

Four Chinese Muslim Uighurs have been released from the US detention centre at Guantanamo for resettlement in Bermuda, US officials said.

The four men are part of a group of 17 remaining Chinese nationals captured by the US in Afghanistan but found not to be enemy combatants four years ago.

“Today you have let freedom ring,” said Abdul Nasser, one of former detainees.

China says the Uighurs are terrorists and demanded their return shortly after Palau announced it would accept them.

“We will consult regularly with the government of Bermuda on the status of these individuals,” said Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd.

The Uighurs accepted by Bermuda, a British overseas territory off America's eastern seaboard, will not be allowed to enter the United States without prior permission, US officials said.

Five Uighurs who were transferred to Albania in 2006 have not been engaged in criminal or terrorist activities since, the US government said.