Do they deserve our prayers again?


I believe Nigerians are more aware of this season of wishing ourselves all the best and praying fervently for one another to have our heart desires granted by our good Lord.

So also, the politicians are tactically approaching fellow Nigerians with best wishes and enjoining them to be of good behaviour and to pray for them and the country.

Truly speaking, Nigerians are good people. They will pray for their leaders wherever they find themselves and in any prayer room, not because the leaders have asked them to do so, but because they are being commanded to do so in their holy books and they want to be obedient to the almighty God.

However, the prayer points have changed dramatically these days and the politicians are yet to hear and understand the the way we pray.

Prayers are now being properly channeled to God with precise request and true desires for this nation.

No wonder some politicians have now turned to churches and mosques for solutions to their problems and not necessarily the problems of this nation.We all know and believe that God is good all the time, but the professional politicians have taken the goodness of the Lord for granted and more so, for a long time in Nigeria.

It seems Nigerians are now fully awake from their slumber or hypnotism and suddenly we all asking for a true change.

Nigerians need changes and not just a change at the presidential level. We need a change of hearts, a true change in government policies, a true change of leadership at the local government, house assembly, house of representatives, the senate, the banks, the presidency, the churches, the mosques and at all the places or corridors where peoples money are being spent on their behalf.

The prayer points should not just be for only the politicians but for all the leaders in our land.

Imagine the leaders of churches with private jets that are being rented out for profits. Most of them would have told us that the jets are for the promotion of the gospel beyond our coast. But now we know better and hopefully taxes will be paid on the gains.

Imagine bank directors whose bank stocks have been reduced to cents but are still flying first or business class to Abuja or London instead of economy class.

Imagine senators and reps without a functional constituency office or a well designed and functional websites to reach out to their folks and no one knows about the use of the constituency allowance until a time like this when they come  to dole out few nairas and bags of rice and cooking oil.

Now, let us rise on our feet to pray…….  And after the prayer let the people say a loud amen.

Joe Femi-Dagunro
Nigeria Beyond 2015 Group
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