Omoni Oboli Donates Blood For Christmas

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nigerian entertainers especially females, are actually giving in their best to the needy at every little way they can which is to some extent one of the ways they have been able to gather a more larger fan base for themselves.

Recently after a location shoot in Abuja, Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli, decided to give out a very great Christmas gifts to those in need which is donating some of her blood.

The actress stated that doing such a thing makes her feel like an hero because she has just saved a life somewhere.

According to her, “Give a gift of life this Christmas! On my last day on the movie set in Abuja, I went to the National Blood Transfusion service in to donate a pint of blood. It was so fulfilling and rewarding and I felt like a hero. I was giving someone life! It's important to donate blood cos you never know, the life you save, might even be yours! It could save a pregnant woman, an accident victim, a very sick person or even 4 kids! If you can't give gold or silver, give blood! It's more precious.”