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Man Hacks Wife With Machete For Withholding Sex

Man machet wife
Man machet wife

Kaduna — Kaduna State Police Command has declared one Musa Rabiu wanted. He was said to have inflicted severe machete cuts on his wife, Ramatu Ibrahim, over allegation of depriving him sex.

The middle-aged woman, who is still in coma, was reported to be presently receiving treatment at a private hospital on Rabah Road, Kaduna North Local Government area as a result of injuries she sustained. According to investigations by Daily Independent, Ramatu Ibrahim's husband had called her under the pretense that he wanted to see her so they could reconcile their differences for the sake of their marriage.

He was said to have asked her to meet him at their former house located at Layin Masalachin Bugaje in Malali, where he is the gate man.

Ramatu revealed: “since I was not suspecting any foul play, I went there the next day as agreed by 10.00 a.m. “When I got there, he started talking to me on how he intends to bring me back to the house as his wife. “What spoiled the whole thing was that at about 12.30 p.m., after we had finished discussion and I have agreed to go back, he said we should go into the room and catch fun like husband and wife. “I refused outrightly and told him that he has to go to my people in Mararaban Jos and intimate them on the new development before that could happen; I guess that made him angry.

“The next thing I saw, he removed his clothes, that he wanted to have his bath. But unknown to me, he went in to get a machete and before I knew what was happening, he started inflicting cuts all over my body.

“I could not do anything but to pray to Allah because He knows and sees everything. “When he was done inflicting machete cuts me, he put his clothes on, locked me in the house and left the premises. “It was by God's grace I managed to drag myself out of the house to the gate where I tried to call the attention of passers-by who later alerted the proper authorities and I was brought to the hospital,” Ramatu said. She said during the 10 months that their marriage lasted, “Musa had been very wicked to me”.

“I never visited my relations, as anytime I asked him to go home and see my family, he refuses, even the day my junior sister came to visit us, he was very unhappy about it and he even asked me if I told her what was happening between the two of us and I said no,” Ramatu narrated. According to her, the matter was reported to the police who have launched a manhunt for the husband who is said to be at large.