I am Not dating a Nigerian Lady……Actor, Wale Ojo Reveals

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

'Phone Swap' star, Wale Ojo, has open up about his relationship status that he is in a serious long distance relationship but not with a Nigerian lady.

Speaking about his ability to manage ladies around him, the actor indicated that though it is not easy but tries to respect them as much as possible.

The Nollywood star in an interview on TVC, stated that being a versatile actor, interpreting various roles is not a problem to him just that he is not a representation of the characters in real life.

While shopping at the local market, the actor divulged that people question him every time wanting to know whom he will get married to using his 'Tinsel' role to judge.

Wale Ojo began acting with the first television station in Africa as a child prodigy and star. The actor turned professional in the United Kingdom at the age of 21 and currently is the pioneer and founder of the New Nigeria Cinema whose aim is to improve the quality of Nigerian films. To date, he runs a yearly festival titled New Nigeria Cinema day at the British Film Institute in London.