By Fabiyi Rotimi

Dr. Jonathan, The Executive
President of the Federal Republic
Of Nigeria, Aso Rock Villa,
Three Arms Zone, Abuja FCT, Nigeria

Dear Sir,


I am writing to request you the Executive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria-which I am a native, citizen and resident of – to deport forthwith from the country a certain non-Nigerian going by the name Asari Dokubo pursuant to Section 30, Subsection (2) (a) of the 1999 Constitution Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

This non-Nigerian Asari Dokubo was born in Nigeria in 1964 and was actually named Melford Dokubo Goodhead Jnr. but changed his name to Asari Dokubo in 1990 which was the same year he dropped out of a law programme in University Of Calabar, Nigeria (before subsequently dropping out of River State University Of Science and Technology, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria after re-enrolling in that higher institution of learning and consecutively failing woefully in elective posts in both the 1992 and 1998 elections).

According to Section 25, Subsection (1) (b) of the aforementioned Nigerian Constitution, “... every person born in Nigeria after the date of Independence either of whose parents or any of whose grandparents is a citizen of Nigeria… is himself a citizen of Nigeria by birth…” Melford Dokubo Goodhead Jnr. –turned–Asari Dokubo has therefore clearly being a Nigerian Citizen since his birth in 1964 but according to Section 29, Subsection (1) of the Nigerian Constitution “… any citizen of Nigeria of full age who wishes to renounce his Nigerian citizenship shall make a declaration in the prescribed manner for the renunciation …” which was exactly what Asari Dokubo did in 2013 when he officially renounced his Nigerian citizenship and immediately applied for and was granted a full citizenship of Republic of Benin (go to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mujahid_Dokubo_Asari for a documented evidence of Dokubo's renunciation of Nigerian citizenship and his current status as a citizen Republic Of Benin).

With this act of Asari Dokubo (which is clearly allowed under Nigerian Constitution),he has clearly ceased to be a Nigerian since 2013 and therefore could not be qualified to be involved in any civic responsibility of an average Nigerian citizen (some of which include voting and the right to be voted for). Nothing is really wrong with a non-Nigeria like Asari Dokubo to periodically visit or even reside in Nigeria and plausibly transact legitimate business within the country's national boundary but my request for his immediate deportation is based on Section 30, Subsection (2) (a) of the Nigerian Constitution which clearly states that “… the [Nigerian] President … [may deport any non-Nigerian] … who has shown himself by act or speech to be disloyal towards the Federal Republic of Nigeria…” Since 2013 that Asari Dokubo became a non-Nigeria, he has consciously or unconsciously embarked on the act of making some highly inflammatory, society-bifurcating, and inordinately vitriolic vituperations apropos Nigerian society not in his country Republic of Benin but right inside Nigerian territorial boundaries.

Early this year 2014, Asari Dokubo openly stated that residents and indigenes of the south-southern parts of Nigeria should militarily prepare themselves against an impending attack by Northern Nigerians (as if all Northern Nigerians are bloodthirsty terrorists); he subsequently stated in a press conference that if you President Jonathan do not re-contest your seat, you should not “come home” (which was a direct threat to your life because another explanation of this statement is that he would inflict physical injuries on you if you refuse to re-contest and “come home” even though one is not very sure if the “home” he was referring to in his statement is his own home in Republic Of Benin or your own home in Bayelsa State, Nigeria); the self same non-Nigerian rabble rouser Asari Dokubo openly made another nefarious statement sometime this year that people should stop consoling former military head-of-State General Muhammad Buhari (who escaped unscathed) when suspected murderous Boko Haram terrorists attempted to suicide-bomb him because his (General Buhari's) life was not more important than that of other victims terrorism, a statement which was unarguably an encouragement to the terrorists to re-launch another attack on the gallant ex-soldier General Buhari (and which made many northern Nigerians insist that it was actually the perpetually-blustering Asari Dokubo that planned the assassination attempt on Buhari, not Boko Haram, especially because Boko Haram is yet to announce that it was them that executed the assassination attempt as it is their wont when it was them that executed an act of terrorism) and it is on record that he (Dokubo) requested you President Jonathan in a press conference to apologise (he did not state to whom) for consoling General Buhari; and it should be remembered without an iota of subjectivity that the national publicity secretary of the Nigerian political party named All Progressive Congress, APC Alhaji Lai Mohammed recently wrote a petition to the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force to report a threat made during a press conference by the notoriously-obstreperous non-Nigerian Asari Dokubo to “…use his hands on him [Lai Mohammed]…”, a clear euphemism for strangling Lai Mohammed to death.

If it is a Nigerian citizen that is committing all these verbal atrocities, the usual thing is for such a person to be arrested, detained and charged to court for conspiracy, sedition, instigation and direct threatening of lives but for all these felonies to be flagrantly committed by a non-Nigerian like Asari Dokubo shows how deep the disregard some persons can make themselves have for the 1999 Constitution Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria. The aforequoted Section 30, Subsection (2) (a) of the selfsame constitution is clear enough about the appropriate punishment for such a non-Nigerian.
Thanks for your understanding and expected quick action on this issue (or non-issue) of Asari Dokubo Yours faithfully,


1. The Inspector General of the Federation, Nigerian Police Force Headquarters, Abuja FCT, Nigeria
2. General Muhammad Buhari, Daura, Katsina State, Nigeria
3. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria
4. The Director, Council Of Foreign Relations, New York, U.S.A
5. The Secretary, U.S Department Of State, Washington D.C, U.S.A
6. U.S President Barrack Obama, Washington D.C , U.S.A
7. U.S Senator John McCain, Washington D.C, U.S.A
8. Nigerian Information And Communication Minister, Abuja FCT, Nigeria
9. Nigerian Minister Of Internal Affairs, Abuja FCT, Nigeria
10. The Head, Nigeria Immigration Service, Abuja FCT, Nigeria
11. The General Secretary, Christian Association Of Nigeria, Abuja FCT, Nige