15-Year-Old Boy Electrocuted Via His Mobile Phone

Source: www.totalfamilylife.com
mobile phone
mobile phone

A 15-year-old boy named Junior Abia died from an electric shock while listening to music via an earpiece on his mobile phone which was plugged the wall socket, charging.

The incident which happened at the Okesa area of Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital has left the people of the community in tears.

After Junior raised an alarm, his elder brother, Chibuzor rushed to the scene and was said to have looked for a long stick with which he could remove the earpiece from Junior's ears but his efforts yielded no result. He then raised an alarm which alerted other people, who swung into action promptly in a bid to rescue Junior.

They succeeded in removing mobile phone from the power socket and rushed Junior to a nearby hospital in the area but unfortunately, the boy passed away just before the rescue team stepped into the hospital.

Narrating the incident to Daily Sun, the mother of the deceased said on that fateful day, Junior had assisted her in cooking some rice which she sells at Okesa market before she left home and barely 2 hours after she left, she got news that her son had been electrocuted and rushed back home where she met people trying to rescue him.

She explained: “ We eventually removed the earpiece from his ears, unplugged the handset from the power socket and rushed him to the hospital. But he died just as we were about stepping into the hospital.

“I was told that Junior plucked the handset, which he also connected to the earpiece, into the power socket so as to charge the phone. He was also using the earpiece connected to the phone to listen to some music on the phone .”

She added that her son would have survived if help had gotten to him on time.

Junior, the second born of his parents was buried three days after his death and according to his mum, all his clothes, pictures, shoes and other things that could bring back some emotional memories had been removed by the family.

It would be recalled that on Thursday, August 7, the Minister of Communications Technology, Omobola Johnson who was represented by Ngozi Ogujiofor, a Deputy Director in the ministry, said the mobile phone was one of the most dangerous devices of communications and cautioned the public on the risks associated with the use of mobile phones.