Marital Crisis Won’t Make Me Marry Celeb—MC Acapella

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

MC Acapella is one of Nigeria's comedians in the industry with more prospects to excel and grow. Although, he doesn't do vulgar jokes, but his 'Comedy Goes To Church' show has gradually become a great show to look out for yearly.

However, MC Acapella revealed to that he is ready to join the league of married stars by next year, 2015, but shoved off the chances of settling down with someone in the same industry with him.

The comedian said he is afraid of marital crisis and would not try marrying an entertainer.

'Yes, I'm ready to marry soon. I have told myself that I'll get married next year (2015) but I haven't seen a wife yet. I have strong faith, when I pick a date, the heaven and nature would hear and make it happen.

'Right now, I'm not in any serious relationship but I can't marry a celebrity. We can't be running around at the same time. I have a very busy schedule, if she has same too, who will take care of the home? Na so fight go take start..My dear, e go hard oh!," he insisted.