+Terrorism: HURIWA Canvasses War Compensation Package; Support For Military

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Piqued by the reported successes recorded by the armed Islamic rebels in the North East of Nigeria and the spate of unwarranted blood cuddling violent attacks targeted at soft civilian targets, a call from a democracy inclined Non-Governmental Organization- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA [HURIWA]has gone to Nigerians to step up their collective and individual moral and motivational support to the military operatives and officers waging the current war on terror even as the Federal Government has been asked to specifically set out a day within the coming  year to honor with awards the combatants who excelled as a way of boosting their morale.

In a statement signed jointly by the National coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media Affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf condemning the bombing campaign in the Potiskum Secondary Boys school in which over fifty students were slaughtered by suspected terrorists masterminds [boko haram], a Non-Governmental Organization- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA [HURIWA] condemned the Yobe state government for doing almost nothing to prevent this unwarranted attack even after the neighboring Gombe state's administration had earlier proactively shut down all public and private schools immediately after the bomb attack at the public bus park. 

The Rights group [HURIWA] also upbraided the Yobe state government for the abysmal state of neglect of the health infrastructure in that state which has compounded the situation of the victims of the recent bomb attack in the boys high school as can be conspicuously glued from photographic evidence widely circulated in the popular Nigerian press.

The Rights group further disclosed that her attention was called to the ugly state of medical facilities in parts of Yobe State by some concerned citizens who called in to express their disgust at what they called primitive standards of the health infrastructure. The Rights group has therefore called on the Yobe state government to take verifiable and concrete measures to reequip the public hospitals to be in a good state to treat and handle emergency cases that have arisen from the unfortunate spate of violent terrorism targeting civilians.

HURIWA affirmed thus; ”We hereby call on all Nigerians to step up our patriotic support for the soldiers as they collectively wage the war against terrorists. On the side of the top military commanders they must stop complaining meaninglessly and engage in a more determined and effective combat against these murderous terrorists. We also call on the Nigerian Government not to relent in the current resolve to equip the Nigerian military with the state of the art combat weapons and military hardware because the sacred fact remains that any nation that allows external aggressors and internal rebels to take over any part of her territory will sooner or later find out that it has lost grip of her sovereignty as an independent political entity and the rest of the global community will pay less attention and respect to it. The Nigerian Government must consistently be put under intense pressure by all patriotic Nigerians in the most civilized and constructive methods to equip and train the Nigerian military and provide all the enabling environment including the introduction of heavy material compensations for war heroes and the construction of houses for the families of all the fallen soldiers who fall victim on the line of duty in the ongoing prosecution of counter terrorism war in Nigeria. The fund for the building of these war heroes' houses should be drawn form the Victims of terrorism support fund recently inaugurated by the President Dr Good Luck Jonathan. A national monuments with their names engraved must also be constructed in any part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to remind generations yet unborn of the enormous sacrifice rendered by the members of the Nigerian Armed Forces and police currently waging the war on terror.”

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