Journalist Accuses A.A Oil Boss, Aliyu Abubakar of Threat To Life


The Publisher of National Waves Magazine, Mr. Jimmy Enyeh has raised an

alarm over the incessant threats to his life and that of his family from

agents of the Chairman/CEO of A.A Oil Ltd, Alhaji Aliyu Abubakar, over an

article titled “A.A Oil boss in N650million Scam,” published in the

September 2014 edition of the magazine.
Enyeh said that since the magazine hit the newsstands, he has received

numerous calls from anonymous callers threatening to kill him and members

of his family over the publication.
“These anonymous callers called me severally, intimidated, bullied and

threatened me over the said publication. I was told to watch my back as

they are after me and my family members”, he said.

Enyeh stressed that he took the threats with a pinch of salt until

recently when some unidentified young men in a black colored Toyota SUV

started trailing him.
“Just recently, whil driving home, I noticed a black Toyota SUV trailing

me from my office. It was night and so I could not see the plate number. I

decided to make a detour to somewhere else, parked, walked out of my car

and entered a store. I watched them from the store for almost thirty

minutes before they left.”
Enyeh recalled that before the said story was published, he wrote a letter

dated 01/09/2014 to Alhaji Abubakar requesting to confirm the allegations

of collecting the sum of N650million for unexecuted contracts in 2002 but

up till the time of going to press on September 22, 2014, he did not

respond to the letter.
On 29th September 2014, the AA Oil boss wrote a letter to National WAVES

through his lawyer demanding for proof of the published story.

National Waves told Aliyu in a reply that AA Oil allegedly collected part

of the money from the office of the Head of Service.

Enyeh argued that while it the most uncivilized to threaten journalists

for their work, Alhaji Aliyu should rather go to court to if he feels

aggrieved and maligned by the story.
Alhaji Abubakar Aliyu, an oil magnate whose investments span various

economic sectors around the world and properties litter major cities of

the globe was recently linked to the Malabu oil scandal.

According to Reuters, more than half of the N171.32 billion ($1.1 billion)

paid to Malabu Oil and Gas for the procurement of one of Nigeria's richest

oil fields, OPL 245 by Shell and Eni was used to bribe Nigerian

politicians and intermediaries who helped to secure the controversial

deal. Aliyu was linked to the deal.
Aliyu had once been linked with shady deals with former Governor Diepreye

Alamieyesiegha. He allegedly transferred several Billions of Naira into

offshores accounts belonging to him and the former Governor, according to

For instance a source said for some of the transactions he reportedly

handled on behalf of Mr. Alamieyesiegha concerning the payment of

£475,724.08 from his HSBC account in London, he was rewarded with a top

notch contract to build Governor's lodge and the Deputy Governor's Lodge

in Abuja for an over invoiced unbelievable N4.8 Billion ($40 Million).

Again in 2002, learnt that Aliyu assisted

Alamieyesiegha to illegally ship out of Nigeria monies stolen from public

coffers amounting to £420, 000. Destination was London. The money was

lodged into Aliyu's account in Midland Bank London from where it was later

transferred to Alamieyesiegha's account in the same bank.

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